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The Force Is Strong With Sphero, The Toy Startup Behind The Newest ‘Star Wars’ Droid

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You will soon be able to own the coolest new droid in the Star Wars universe (and fight your kid over who gets to play with it) thanks to one of the most innovative toy companies in the business.

Last week, the world met BB-8 in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and learned his adorable free-rolling motion was engineered by none other than Sphero, the smartest ball in this or any galaxy. Nerds everywhere, recalling the days of skipping school to grab the new R5-D4 figure from K·B Toys, immediately wondered when they could get their hands on their own BB-8. Now, it appears you will in fact be able to have one of these rolling through your living room this Christmas for a cool $150, which — be honest — you’ll gladly pay whether or not your kid demands it.

Of course, if you just can’t wait for the officially licensed action figure, you can walk in the ways of this DIY jedi who hacked a Sphero into a BB-8 himself. The force is strong with that one.

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