The Jungle Jumparoo Is the 3-in-1 Backyard Bouncer That’ll Make Your Kid’s Summer

There's even a rope swing and a ball pit!

by Dave Baldwin
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Ever look at all the equipment on a playground and indoor playspaces and think to yourself, self, I wish I could combine that jungle gym, trampoline, and ball pit into a giant tire? Probably not because your playground time is spent making sure your kids don’t get kicked in the face by the local monkey bar showoff. The folks behind the Jungle Jumparoo did and their creation is a combination of playground equipment that is adaptable to nearly any playtime scenario.

The Jungle Jumparoo is a hybrid jumping, climbing, swinging toy that, depending on often you get out on Friday nights, you may recognize from Shark Tank. It didn’t score a deal with the sharks, but there’s no need to shed any tears for the Utah couple who invented it. The exposure did them just fine.

At first glance, the whole thing looks like a 6.5-foot-tall jungle gym attached to huge (5-foot by 5-foot) inner tube.And that’s pretty much what it is. The premise is equally as simple: Up to eight kids (ages 2 and up) can bounce on the tire while holding on to the colorful steel poles. They can bust out flip and do tricks, and somehow the base is stable enough that it doesn’t topple over every two jumps, which seems remarkable. Then again, it weighs almost 100 pounds fully installed, so … physics. In the middle, there’s also a rope swing (sold separately) that kids can use to dangle and/or swing Pitfall-style across the ball pit below. Yes, there’s a ball pit ⏤ although, naturally, the balls are also sold separately (100 for $50).

But that’s just the beginning. Hook the turret sprinkler up to the top and now you’re looking at hours of wet-and-wild, beat-the-heat backyard summer fun. Unless, of course, one of the kids slips off the tire and hits their head on the ground. Then you’re looking at a trip to the ER. Seriously, how is nobody slipping right off that thing when it’s wet? Oh, that’s right: they’re holding on to the bars! Which is one of the reasons the JJ is considered safer than a trampoline. The other being that: a) kids are barely off the ground when they’re jumping; and b) you can buy additional safety bumpers (separately, of course).

If this sounds like your brand of summer fun, the Jungle Jumparoo comes in two sizes (full and mini) and is built for both outdoor and indoor use. It’s currently on back order but if you reserve one now it’ll likely be in your backyard by the start of summer.

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