The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Fit Moms

Every day is Mother's Day ... and the Super Bowl.

by Steve Schiff
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mother's day gifts for fit moms

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Nutrimom.

This Mother’s Day, remember that it’s not enough to offer a personalized expression of all that gratitude you probably should express more than once a year — you also have to remind the mother of your child that she’s much more than that. These Mother’s Day gifts for fit moms don’t celebrate the fact that she’s a badass mom as much as the fact that she’s a badass, period. Whatever she does to stay that way, whether it’s yoga, daily gym visits, or preparing nutritious meals your disappearing dadbod will thank her for later, something on this list will help her keep it up.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift For The Do-It-All Carryall: Fitmark Insulated Portion Containers

Being a beast and getting stuff done requires tons of persistence, and focus. It also requires lots of stuff. These Fitmark portion containers are specifically engineered for the gym, travel, sports, and meal management, with compartments for clothes, shoes, books, bottles, and laptops, plus seal tight food containers and TSA-approved ice packs. Because she’s not growing another set of arms. Yet.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift For The Mindful Mom: SmartMat

How’s a modern yogi supposed to balance career, kid, home, fitness, and mindfulness? Connect it to her phone, of course. SmartMat delivers real-time feedback to correct poses and alignments, and tracks progress in anapp. Plop Junior on there and see if the family’s new personal yoga coach can’t improve their surprisingly poor Child’s Pose.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift For The Super Classy Mom: ClassPass

Fitness classes? The damn gym? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Unless they’re a ClassPass member, in which case they can access between 5 and all the classes per month at the world’s largest network of fitness studios and gyms wherever they are, whenever they’re there. Because daily exercise is important, but it shouldn’t be a workout just to get to your workout on time.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift For The Healthy Chef: “What To Cook And How To Cook It: Fresh And Easy”

If preparing nutritious homemade meals has always been a little intimidating, it doesn’t get much more approachable and easy than a cookbook called What To Cook And How To Cook It: Fresh And Easy. It literally addresses every possible question in the title. Well, except for, “What’s gazpacho?” That’s inside, among 75 other step‐by‐step recipes for simple dishes using fresh ingredients.

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Best Mother’s Day Gift For The Personal Data Collector: Fitbit Alta

Fitbit’s latest still tracks all your stats like sleep, steps, calories, and exercise activity, and turns everyday life into a constantly motivating competition. The Fitbit Alta adds reminders and smartphone notifications (call, text, calendar), and comes in a slimmer silhouette that’s interchangeable with different styles of bands and accessories. It really takes your Fitbit/life integration a step further, which still isn’t enough to beat your brother-in-law this week. That jerk.

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The above was produced in partnership with our friends at Nutrimom.

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