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The Best Inflatable Waterslides And Toys to Turn Your Backyard Into a Water Park

Bring it on, summer.

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As any enterprising parent with a roll of plastic and a sprinkler knows, you don’t need a beach, stock tank, or pool built out of a shipping container to keep the kids cool and wet this summer. You just need a patch of grass and some running water. But if you really want to turn your backyard into the type of DIY water park that you could charge admission to, the right slip ‘n slides and water toys are key. These six ⏤ from a slippery baseball diamond and rock climbing wall, to a three-lane racing course and a water-soaked jungle gym ⏤ should do the trick.

Super Water Slide

super water slide

Because nobody wants to go from gloriously gliding down a slippery slide to skidding across a patch of itchy grass, this 12-foot model cushions the landing with a kiddie pool. It can handle kids 4- to 12-years-old (up to 110 lbs), comes with a double-action foot pump, and attaches to a garden hose to ensure the slide stays misted.

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Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide

Banzai 16 ft. Triple Racer Water Slide

For kids (and/or their parents) who believe everything is more fun when it’s a competition, the 16-foot Banzai Triple Racer rocks water-spraying rails and lets three kids slide at once in their own lanes. That way, they’ll be no doubt who won the race and your stopwatch wont get wet.

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Banzai Grand Slam Baseball Slide

Banzai Home Run Baseball Slide

This is wiffle ball with a slippery twist: kids hit off a water-powered tee and slide into every base on the 14-foot br 14-foot diamond-shaped slip and slide. Baseball and bat are included. Skinned knees are not.

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Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

The Rocky Mountain River Race from Litte Tikes looks like an obstacle in a kids’ Spartan Race. It comes with a rock climbing wall, two slides, and a surprise dump bucket that pours water on unsuspecting competitors/toddlers. It stands 12 feet tall, can hold up to four kids (or 350 pounds), and includes a safety net on the back to keep an overachieving Junior from diving over the top and taking off across the yard.

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KidWise Splash Landing Waterslide With Water Cannon

Why pay to go to a water park when you can bring the water park to the back yard. Splash Landing is a 7.5-foot water slide-splash pool combo with two sprayers (for a fast slide), a quick access tunnel into the pool, and a cannon at the bottom to help ensure everybody coming down the chute gets a face full of water.

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Jungle Jumparoo

Jungle Jumparoo

At first glance, the Jungle Jumparoo looks like a 6.5-foot-tall jungle gym attached to huge (5-foot by 5-foot) inner tube. And that’s pretty much what it is. With a sprinkler attached to the top and a rope swing that kids can use to dangle and/or swing Pitfall-style across the ball pit below. Yes, there’s also a ball pit. Let the summertime fun begin.

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