These Inflatable Blasters Are Our New Favorite Summer Toy

Pew pew pew pew!

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Is summer truly summer if you don’t fire a water gun? Technically, yes. But it’s certainly less fun. Like winter without making a snowball. Or fall without jumping into a pile of leaves. Water guns have come a long way since the first days of H20 backyard warfare, with modern designs that allow for a new level of play. Some of our favorite new water guns for kids are the inflatable Swimways Blow Up Blasters.

The brand-new water guns are, as their name suggests, inflatable. They start out as limp little balloons on top of a standard trigger handle. When blown up, they look like cool, colorful spaceships or grinning sharks and are roughly two feet long. They have a capacity of 1.5 ounces and can fire up to 15 feet.

The fact that the guns are inflatable is weird, sure. But has several advantages. First: kids (and adults) can get clumsy and rambunctious when playing with water guns. One false move with a plastic weapon and someone can get smacked in the face or worse. If your kid gets whacked with an air-filled pocket instead of a plastic barrel, there’s less of a chance for tears to entre the water fight.

The inflatable reservoir also means that the guns naturally float. This makes it easier to fill ’em up in the pool during epic water battles as well as gather when it’s finally time to go inside after a long day in the sun.

No, these are no Super Soakers or other types of mega blasters. But they’re definitely a step up from standard squirt guns and offer a bit more novelty than a lot of other blasters. Consider they cost $19, that’s not a bad route to summer fun.

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