This Spoon is MIT-Engineered To Feed Your Infant With Less Mess

Your floor will thank you. Your dog won't.

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You wouldn’t think it should take a degree from MIT to feed a baby without ruining dinner for everyone else, and yet here we are: a pair of MIT-ers spent years to finally engineer a mess-less baby spoon. Introducing, Spuni.

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Spuni reinvents the geometry of the spoon with a baby’s pie-hole in mind, as opposed to previous generations of infant spoons that were basically just miniaturized versions of adult ones and thus too wide, deep, or both for kids to do anything but spill food all over the kitchen floor. Spuni is even smaller than most of those, but more importantly it’s shaped to promote a latching, sucking, and swallowing motion that’s instinctive to a baby used to feeding primarily from bottles and boobs.

After many iterations, the MIT duo hit on a perfect design and did what everyone with a half-decent idea does these days: crowdfunded that sucker! And it worked — you can actually buy it. In 8 colors, in fact, or a natural wood version. You can even make sure your kid is literally born with a silver spoon in their mouth, or a platinum one, if you’re willing to shell out huge bucks for what has to be an elaborate gag that only a couple MIT nerds would find funny.

Those nerds have also taken great care in choosing materials, excising an alphabet soup’s worth of scary acronyms (BPA, BPS, BVS) in favor of medical-grade TPE. That’s the stuff used in most bottle nipples and pacifiers, which should give you some peace of mind as you work to transition your kid to solids. Your kitchen floor will certainly thank you, even if the dog doesn’t.

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