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The 8 Best Roblox Toys for Fanatical Gamers

They pay tribute to the immensely popular video game.

Roblox is a free game platform, with those very annoying in-app purchases, that lets users program games and play games programmed by others. It’s immersive and addictive and insanely popular, especially with tweens and teens. Whatever your take on screen time, Roblox is like sugary cereal: mostly unavoidable, not entirely great for you, but easily consumed and not the end of the world. The best Roblox toys are engaging real-world items that reflect the ethos of the game and encourage kids to bring their virtual world into the real one.

Kids can mix and match parts to build their own unique Roblox character. Budding fashion designers have access to clothes, hairstyles, and accessories from the Roblox Fashion Famous game.

Yes, the world as we know it is over. But these are the survivors, who will battle zombies using all the weapons at this disposal.

This playset comes with a virtual code that lets kids redeem it for the T-Rex skeleton. This playset comes with six figures, and lets players orchestrate a museum robbery or stop the burglars in the act, depending on whether they want to be good or bad guys.

Bring the open-world action game Jailbreak to life with this set, which lets players recreate breakout scenes. It too comes with a virtual code for the game.

A noob refers to a new, or inexperienced player. Naturally, you need an actual noob figure complete with a heavily-armored mech suit. And this one comes with a redeemable code to unlock a virtual item on Roblox.

Why, it's an armored, heavily armed super-tank from Planet3arth’s apocalyptic tower defense game, to destroy some serious zombies.

Kids embark on a mining operation, complete with the pickaxe and dynamist, as part of this Roblox set. It features characters, accessories, and vehicles from games such as Cindering’s Sharp Shooter Mines, Berezaa’s Miner’s Haven, Defaultio’s Mining Tycoon, and Widgeon’s Mining INC. All we can say is: Get ready to kick major axe with this set. The accessories and hair pieces for each Roblox figure are interchangeable so kids can mix and match.

This set allows kids to bring a scene from one of the most popular Roblox games to life. The accessories can be mixed and matched with other Roblox characters, and it comes with a code for an exclusive virtual item.

In this set, two characters face off against zombies with tools like toxic waste and a barbed wire fence. The set comes with an exclusive virtual item.

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