This App Is So Fun Your Kid Won’t Realize They’re Learning About Space From A Quantum Physicist

More like black hole FUN, right?

by Steve Schiff
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You might argue that kids today spend too much time staring at screens and not enough time staring at the stars, and you might be right, but what if your kid is staring at an educational app that’s all about the stars? Not so smart now, are you? Your kid will be, though, because they’re learning about space from a quantum physicist disguised as a jetpack-wearing cat.

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Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is Minilab Studios’ follow-up to Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space, a book by illustrator Ben Newman and quantum physicist Dr. Dominic Walliman, which is published by Minilab’s sister company Flying Eye Books. The app expands on the book’s introduction to outer space and astro-literacy through music and audio, animations, and interactive challenges that finally reward your kid for their exceptional knowledge of Uranus.

The game is packed with a volume of information that’s seemingly as infinite as the universe itself, all of which kids aged 7-10 are encouraged to explore at their own pace. Along the way they’ll earn medals, build a rocket, and answer questions to send their faithful feline professor (and his new sidekick, Astro Mouse) hurtling through space — or plummeting into the endless void. It’s so fun, kids don’t even realize they’re being educated. Mission accomplished.

$2.99 (iOS) (Android)

Ages: 7-10

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