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The Best Premium Food Delivery Services for Families

Gourmet cheese. Wild-caught salmon. Bon appetit.

Even if you’re no Bobby Flay in the kitchen, you can still put a solid, respectable, non-embarrassing meal on the table — especially when we’re all pretty much stuck indoors, trying to find stuff to do with our kids, and have premium food delivery services at our disposal. Instead of hauling yourself to the grocery store and attempting to practice some form of social distancing, the experts are here to be called in. The best food delivery services cater to every dietary need, flavor specification, and schedule; plus, you can choose pre-made meals, as well. The ones on our list run the gamut from meal deliveries families can cook together, to more rarified offerings for gourmands who can’t go a week without artisanal brie.

No matter which online food delivery option you choose, bear in mind that this goes way beyond just shoveling food down your gullet. Eating is a communal experience, especially for kids. Family dinner engages their senses and helps finicky eaters explore foods through texture, color, and smell. Cooking also helps kids learn about math and science, as they measure out ingredients and see how temperature can change what foods look and taste like.

In short, food brings families closer. Most of all, it gives children a sense of power and control, when they have input on what’s being cooked and how it’s being made. Plus, there’s the satisfaction of seeing raw eggs (cooked under parental supervision, obviously), flour, milk, and sugar transformed into fluffy pancakes. Here, then, are some of our favorite food and meal delivery services, based on food quality, meal and ingredient variety, and just sheer deliciousness.

Pescatarians, this one is for you. A top-tier, sustainable, and traceable DTC seafood brand that supplies you with fully trimmed, prepped, seafood, that's ready to cook or freeze. We like this box because you get the most variety; in this case, sustainable salmon, steelhead trout, char, saltwater striped bass, Caribbean cobia and Santa Barbara black cod. But note that options will change based on seasonality and availability. You can scan the QR code on the back of your tray to find out who caught the fish for you.

One of the more varied meal plans on the market, Green Chef lets you toggle between keto, paleo, balanced living, plant-powered, and the family plan, the latter of which has a nice selection of foods that aren't too complex or challenging to cook and eat. You choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriptions, and right now, the brand is offering new customers $90 off plus free shipping on the first box. The food is certified organic. The prices vary depending on what you choose and the frequency of delivery, but the family plan, for example, includes two dinners for a family of four, starting at $10.99 per meal. Delivery is nationwide, except Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana. You choose your delivery day. Standout meal: Salmon with carrot fries and scallion rice.

As with others on this list, you pick a meal plan to match your lifestyle, plus cater to your likes or aversions. Then you get weekly simple step-by-step recipes complete with nutritional information and pre-measured ingredients. Standout meal: Firecracker meatballs with green beans and jasmine rice. You can cancel your plan at any time and right now, the brand is offering new customers $90 off plus free shipping on the first box. Three recipes per week for two people will run you $54.

If you absolutely need to get dinner on the table in five minutes or less, than Freshly is here to serve you. Choose whatever option floats your culinary boat, be it proteins, carbs, low-sodium, or low in calories. And then pick the meals that you heat and eat in minutes. Right now, 12 meals per week will cost you $102, plus $12 for shipping. Standout meal: Oven-fried chicken and mashed potatoes, a total family crowd-pleaser.

Pescatarians, rejoice. This is one dope delivery option to meat all your fish needs. For $129-$169, you choose what's called a Vital Box, focused either on salmon, an assortment of wild-caught seafood, or one that's got both plus burgers and sausages. Note that you're in the hands of experts, and subject to what's in the water, so Vital Box contents and ship dates are not customizable. What's cool is that the brand limits the fish and shellfish to fisheries that are either certified sustainable, or considered sustainable by experts such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Our choice is the wild salmon salmon box, because it's a fish that's easy to prepare and something that most kids actually like. You get single-serve salmon, plus burgers and smoked salmon. The company ships to the continental U.S.

If you're following a ketogenic diet, or just have a hankering for top-shelf meats and seafood, consider this offering from Thrive Market. Every month, you curate your own box. Choose between chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. And eat it knowing that everything is sustainably sourced and ethically raised, without any added hormones, antibiotics, dyes, and fillers. Everything arrives frozen, in biodegradable packaging. Shipping is available nationwide but note that this is a service for members, so you do need to sign up and create a profile.

Frog Hollow Farm is a 243-acre spread in Brentwood, California. And with this box, you get three deliveries over a three-month period. Each delivery contains three pounds of what is most ripe and in season, be it plums or peaches, pears, apples, pomegranates. It's essentially the farmer's market, delivered right to you. The deliveries take place roughly every 4-6 weeks. Shipping is $9 and delivery is nationwide.

If desserts are your thing, but you suck at baking, let the pros take over. The brand known for its insanely good cookies and cakes makes everything in its commissary kitchens fresh and to order, then flash-freeze them for peak quality. Milk Bar ships nationwide, for a $15 flat fee. You can order everything from compost cookies (an indulgence you’ll never regret, trust us) to the best damn strawberry shortcake you’ll ever have. You order a la carte, and prices vary depending on what you choose.

So one person loves chicken, another is into scallops, and a third will only eat pasta? You're in luck because this plan lets you choose individual meals based on specific tastes. And the great thing about Home Bistro is that you use it on an as-needed basis, so you don't sign up for monthly deliveries. If you choose 10 best-selling meals, the cost is $229, but prices vary depending on whatever meal option works for you. The company ships nationwide. The individual meals are meant to be boiled in their bags for quick reheating and they're all ready in 10 minutes or less. There's no cooking involved.

Craving some options? You can opt for paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, Mediterranean, or pescatarian meals. You can stick with one, or mix and match. The dishes are crazy-easy to make. A great choice for harried parents are the oven-ready meals, which you heat and eat. The company currently ships to most zip codes in the United States, excluding AK and HI, and parts of ND, MT, and NM. The cost is $11.99 per serving, with an $8 delivery fee; the first delivery is free. Our choice: The pork fried cauliflower rice with carrots and peas, which takes minutes to cook and is a solid way to sneak vegetables into a kid-friendly dish.

Martha Stewart for the win, with this meal delivery plan. Parents choose from 22 weekly recipes. Each meals is six steps only, so we can get behind that. Stewart, a noted perfectionist, doesn't half-ass anything, so you even get her custom spice blends. Shipping is $9 per week and the brand delivers to most of the contiguous US states. You can choose between a two-person or four-person box, and the cost is $7.49 per portion for a four-person box with three meals per week. Our pick: One-skillet chicken fajitas with peppers and onions because if you can make an entire dinner using one pot, we're down.

Digging some duck or lamb or pork right now? You can't do better than this fancy brand. For $49.99, you get a spectacular charcuterie sampler, which includes smoked chicken breast, truffle butter, and French ham, among other delicacies. For $89.99, you score a motherlode of duck: Breasts, confit, sausage, and bacon. The company ships to qualifying addresses in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our favorite: The exceptionally flavorful Rohan duck breasts, which you season, sear, and eat.

Got a craving for your favorite regional delicacy? Goldbelly lets you order selections of everything from New York Bagels to Louisiana Gumbo from the places that made them famous. The Essa Bagel brunch kit, from New York, is stocked with bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and a fish salad. If you're a gumbo fanatic, get the kit from Hebert's, which includes three quarts of gumbo with your choice of flavor. Prices vary based on the meal and restaurant you choose. The company ships to the domestic United States; Puerto Rico is excluded. There is no consistent shipping timetable, because orders are shipped directly from partner shops. Our pick: The lobster and clam chowder meal hit from McCoon's in Maine, which comes with everything you need to make your lobster rolls.

The great thing here is choice: You can opt for meals you can cook together, meals that you can create in 15 minutes, or oven-ready meals that you heat and eat. There's even a slow cooker option, if that's your jam. You select the recipes that fit your lifestyle, with the added ability to upgrade, swap, or double up your favorite proteins on some recipes. Home Chef delivers to 98 percent of the country, so check your zip code before you sign up. Meals start at $6.99 per serving, depending on the meal you choose. Our choice: Chicken adobo flautas with tomato salsa, a zesty take on comfort food.

Instead of meal delivery per se, in this case, it's all about upgraded groceries. You create a food profile, and every week, Hungry Root sends you the groceries that fit your profile, along with easy recipes to cook the grub. This is for health-conscious folks who want to eat primarily plant-based diets: You get veggie noodles, grain bowls, and meat-free stir fries. Prices vary based on how much food you want delivered weekly and you can skip deliveries; the range is roughly $99-130 per week and the company ships across the continental U.S. In this case, we don't have a specific product pick because it's entirely dependent on what your palate dictates.

What Tesla is to electric cars, Murray's is to cheese. The venerable New York fromagerie has now gone nationwide; the easiest course of action is to let the experts do the thinking for you with the brand's monthly club. You get your cheese and meat mix delivered, as as well as a detailed guide to the products and their specific origins. Prices range from $63 to $113, depending on how fancy you want to get. The Munchies of the Month option, which we dig, hooks you up with two just-fancy-enough cheeses and a meat. The devil is in the details here: Your cheese is wrapped in breathable cheese paper that lets your manchego keep maturing while it's en route to you.

If you're a fan of upscale snacks, this service is for you. For $60 per month, you get an assortment of munchies that go above and beyond anything on order from your local bodega or drugstore. You can choose cookies, pickles, crackers, bars, jerky, or a bunch of other stuff. Mouth ships to all 50 states, including military bases. The Best of Mouth option includes a nice variety of stuff, ranging from tea to chocolate to syrup.

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