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This GPS Wearable Tracks Your Kid, Keeps Them Organized, And Tells Time

Wanting to know your kid is safe when they’re away from home doesn’t make you an overprotective helicopter parent — secretly watching them from behind a tree does. Seriously, come out of the bushes, they can see you! Instead of skulking, slap the latest GPS wearable from Pomo on their tiny little wrist to keep tabs on them.

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The Pomo Waffle is a color touchscreen smartwatch that tracks your kids in real time “anywhere in the world.” Or, since your 8-year-old probably didn’t just join the Navy, anywhere in the neighborhood. It uses a triple tracking system outdoors — GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi — and a combination of 3G cellular and Wi-Fi inside to home in on their location.

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The Pomo Waffle also works like a house arrest bracelet with designated safe zones; if you kid wanders outside the set perimeter their head explodes. (Kidding!) You just get a phone call to alert you that they’re making a run for it. You can then call the watch directly using the VoIP capability to ask, “where the hell do you think you’re going?” The Pomo Waffle’s rechargeable battery is good for 72 hours on standby, and the device can be paired with up to ten phones (note: it requires a minimum of 200 MB per month of data).

Pomo Waffle Smart Watch With App

Two other important safety features worth noting: the Pomo Waffle has a built-in SOS button that immediately calls both a primary and secondary contact when pressed, and won’t stop dialing until everything is cool. And then there’s the “Take Me Home Button,” which pops up with easy-to-follow GPS directions to guide them back to the house.

Also, like your Fitbit, there’s built-in exercise tracker (or, as your kids call it, “playing”), a scheduler to keep them on task (more playing!), and even a “BFF” function that syncs it with a friend’s Pomo Waffle when them shake them next to each other. Oh, and it tells time.

Pomo Waffle Smart Watch

The Pomo Waffle itself is somewhat bulky, but it is water resistant, made of stretchable silicone, and comes with a handful of decorative colorful rings that kids can swap out to match their swag (0r whatever the kids are saying these days.) The only thing it’s not? Currently available. They don’t ship until March but you get your last-minute, pre-order in now, assuming you’re still getting a cell signal from up in that tree.

Buy Now $109