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A Ton of Nerf Guns Are Now on Sale for Prime Day

Today is the day to restock your arsenal.

If your Nerf arsenal is feeling a bit stale, we’ve got some great news. On the second day of this year’s Prime Day sales event, Amazon is having what’s maybe the funnest possible sale. As of this morning, there are a ton of great deals on Nerf blasters, from zombie apocalypse cosplay gear to a motorized Fortnite blaster.

Here are our favorite blasters from the sale, which has something for every kind of Nerf aficionado.

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We picked seven of our favorite Nerf items that are on sale today. But don’t delay: These deals will fly away faster than an elite round out of a Nerf Rival Prometheus.

Avoid the hassle of rounding up fired darts with these laser blasters. The lights, sound, vibration, and physical recoil functions make for engaging gameplay sans vests. This two-blaster set is marked down from its typical $71 price tag.

A neon yellow banana clip holds ten darts on this blaster, which comes with a ton of Fortnite stickers made to adorn the white barrel. It also has two flip-up sights for accurate long-distance firing. It has a nice discount off of its normal $50 price tag.

There’s a lot to love about this blaster. The hopper holds 100 rounds so you can fire a ton before having to reload. And because it’s fully motorized, you can sting your opponents with a barrage of foam balls flying at 100 feet per second. Normally $100, you can grab this serious piece of Nerf firepower for just $70 on Prime Day.

When you're facing a zombie apocalypse, a nail gun makes for a great improvised weapon, which is why it feels obvious in retrospect that Nerf add a blaster modeled after a nail gun to its zombie line. Its clip holds eight darts, which fire back-to-back without priming, and there are attachment points for barrel and stock extensions. It's normally $20, but can be had for $14 on Prime Day.

The rotating drum in this blaster holds six darts, and you can fire them rapidly by holding down the trigger and rocking the slide back and forth. It's not the biggest, baddest blaster out there but if you're looking for a simple, light, compact weapon for not much money it's a great choice.

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