This Modified Toddler Car Can Hit 40 MPH in Three Seconds

What happens when a toy ride-on gets a 15HP engine?

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big bobby car

Much like the footmobile Fred Flinstone rides around Bedrock, a standard BIG Bobby Car is powered by feet ⏤ usually little ones belonging to toddlers. The popular German YouTube Channel The Real Life Guys, however, thought it’d be more fun to ride one of these tiny toy cars if it had a 15-horsepower engine and could reach 40 mph in under three seconds. So they got to work.

The team modified a traditional BIG Bobby Car, adding the engine, reinforced wheels, a set of handlebars strapped to the steering wheel. Unsurprisingly, the first test run looked incredibly dangerous and totally awesome. It appears to take place on an abandoned road somewhere in the German countryside, allowing them to reach maximum speed without worrying about hitting anybody. To make sure they got every possible angle, they attached a Go-Pro camera to the helmet of the driver and had several people film along the course.

As you might expect, the ride eventually ended with the BIG Bobby Car crashing. Luckily, the driver was okay. After a few modifications, though, the second test run went off without a hitch.

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