The Best Men’s Winter Coats and Puffer Jackets

From parkas and puffers to more casual winter coats, here are some of our favorites.

by Jon Gugala
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4 mens winter coat pictured against a colored background

For men, winter coats are not just a first line of defense in the cold. It’s what defines you — and keeps you moving and working — for an entire season. The best men’s winter coats, therefore, are comfortable enough to move in while chasing kids, stylish enough to take your partner out on a Saturday night, and warmest when it comes to that early-morning grocery run. Do you need something both warm and cool? A more technical jacket meant for active pursuits or engineered for extreme cold? What about something that checks every box? Be it a down-stuffed parka, a puffer coat, or a casual around-town jacket made from wool, waxed cotton, or other natural components, the best men’s winter coats and puffer jackets are those that keep you warm and dry without keeping you from doing what you need to do. If you’re searching for a men’s winter coat or puffer jacket for yourself or for someone on your Christmas list, here are some of our favorites.

The Best Puffer Coats

The Best Winter Parkas for Extreme Cold

The Best Casual Winter Jackets

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