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The Best Matching Pajamas For Families Who Want to Be Comfy & Coordinated

It's dark. It's cold. Let's get comfortable.

There are lots of reasons you might find yourself in the market for the matching family pajamas. Maybe it’s a holiday tradition. Maybe you just like matching. Maybe you want to take a bunch of silly photos before your kids get to the age where your very presence is embarrassing even without matching sleepwear. Or maybe it’s your wife’s idea, and you’re simply being a team player. No matter your reasoning, there are plenty of pajamas to pick from, from the incredibly cheesy to the moderately tacky.

We looked through what’s available and found eight sets that are well-reviewed, warm, stylish, and available in adult, child, and baby sizes. From holiday-themed sets to solid fleece onesies, everyone one of our picks will keep your whole family feeling warm when you hunker down during the next blizzard.

Burt’s Bees Baby Family Jammies, Hand Drawn Snowflakes

The company behind the bestselling honey lip balm also makes pajama sets that they term “family jammies.” They’re 100 percent cotton and come in a ton of different styles, from footed sleepers for infants to henley and pant sets for men. There’s even a dog bandana so your pooch doesn’t feel left out. This edition, a set of white pajamas with red cuffs and ankles, is adorned with geometric designs like rows of snowflakes. Choose from zip-front footed sleepers, two-piece pajama sets, a women’s jumpsuit, a men’s set with red henley and pants, and a dog bandana, because why not?

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SleepytimePjs Matching Deer Plaid Pajama

Polyester, cotton, and spandex provide these pajamas with durability, softness, and stretch. The red-and-black checked pattern looks as cozy as the fabric feels, and it comes in a ton of different options so you can match with your family without looking like a carbon copy (unless that’s the look you’re going for). There are an infant-sized onesie and a kids-sized nightgown. The adult versions come with pants in the same pattern along with a black and white baseball shirt that has a plaid deer silhouette front and center. The cherry on top is the plaid pet bandana, so Fido won’t feel left out. If your winter plans involve a hunting cabin, these are probably the most festive PJ’s you and your family can wear in between outdoor expeditions. And with prices ranging from eight to 17 dollars, they’re also one of the more affordable options around.

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Pottery Barn Kids Tartan Plaid Loose Fit Pajama

The flannel on these loose-fitting PJ’s is breathable, so it’ll keep you warm but not too warm, while the tartan pattern is Christmas-y without being too over the top. What we’re saying is, you can still wear these in January without looking crazy. You can also get your family member’s names embroidered on their pajamas if you want that extra touch of corniness (sorry, classiness). Kids’ pajamas are available in sizes from 2T to 10. The adult versions come in everything from extra small (which will still fit some kids) to extra large.

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Holiday Harry Potter Family Pajamas Collection

Look closely at these Target-exclusive, Fair Isle-style PJ’s and you’ll see plenty of Harry Potter symbols: glasses, lightning bolts, Gryffindor crests, and the name of the boy wizard himself. If yours is the kind of family for whom a trip to Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be a near-religious experience, these are the pajamas for you. Each set is 100 percent cotton and outfitted with rib-knit cuffs that will keep the sleeves and legs of the pajamas in place and more of your body heat inside, almost as if by magic.

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PajamaGram Family Pajamas Super Soft, Navy

PajamaGram’s selection of sizes is unparalleled; there are six different dog sizes, for goodness sake. This classic look — navy fabric with white piping — comes in polka dot and striped editions. Both are made of breathable jersey fabric and come equipped with a chest pocket. The pants have a comfort-fit waistband that will forgive any weight you might gain during the cold months. The fabric itself is flame-resistant, a feature that’s more than nice to have during fireplace and space heater season.

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Justice League Family Sleepwear

What is the Justice League if not a family dedicated to fighting crime? Outfit your family in DC PJ’s that come in two varieties. There’s a Wonder Woman outfit, complete with the famous tiara, and a Batman hood that comes with ears that stick straight up, giving you the ability to cast extremely accurate, menacing shadows. Both styles come with full-body zippers. If you or your kids loved the Batman movies or Wonder Woman, these crime-fighting pajamas are a great choice. The Hall of Justice has never felt so cozy.

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SleepytimePjs Matching Red-Footed Onesie Flannel Pajama

For the ultimate in familial coziness, look no further than these bright-red onesies. They’re made of soft, flame-resistant, anti-pill fleece with a zipper that runs from neck to waist. Ribbed knit cuffs keep the sleeves close to the body, and the footed nature of these pajamas mean they seal in even more heat that non-footed models. There’s a non-slip surface on the bottom of the feet so you won’t go sliding up and down your wooden floors just because you want to stay warm. These are great pajamas for families who live in the coldest of the cold places, and you can pick them up in standard men’s and women’s sizes and a pretty comprehensive collection of infant and toddler sizes.

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PajamaGram Peanuts Christmas Pajamas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a holiday staple, so it makes sense to rock PJ’s celebrating Charles Schulz’s cartoon classic during the holiday season. This green pajama collection features Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang participating in various holiday activities, from Snoopy decorating his doghouse with Christmas lights to Charlie Brown moping because even Christmas can’t cheer that kid up (maybe he needs some affordable psychiatric help). These flannel PJs come in two-piece sets for adults, kids and onesies for infants, and sweaters for dogs (bonus points if you throw one on a beagle).

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