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The Best Matching Pajamas for Families Who Want to Be Comfy & Coordinated

It's going to be a long winter. Let's get comfortable.

There are many reasons you might find yourself in the market for a set of matching family pajamas. Perhaps it’s a family holiday tradition — or could be because time is but an ephemeral concept these days. Maybe you want to take as many ridiculous family photos as you can before your kids are old enough to be deeply embarrassed by the thought of wearing a reindeer-themed family pajama uniform. Maybe you just like the idea of Team Family showing up to the breakfast table in matching Star Wars jammies. Man, you don’t need a reason. If ever there was a year for hunkering down in your most comfortable, coordinated family pajama sets and waiting for spring, this is it.

We’ve all spent a lot of time in our comfy clothes this year, but don’t think of this as a lateral move. Think of it as an awesome, festive upgrade. Whether you go with Harry Potter themed holiday PJs or classic plaid jammies for the whole family, it’s going to make winter better.

The best matching family pajama sets are warm, well-made, soft, durable, and reasonably stylish. (When buying pajamas for little kids and for babies, make sure it’s a snug fit for safe sleeping.) You may go for a perfect match — with everyone from you and your spouse down to the baby and the dog in identical pajamas — or for variations on a theme or color scheme. Because some are of the House of Slytherin, and some are of the House of Gryffindor, but there’s a matching family pajama set for everyone. The prices listed are for a full adult set.

The Best Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family

Jessica Alba's Honest brand makes great stuff, at great prices. These holiday sets are no exception. Everything is made from organic cotton, and the fit is roomy, loose, and comfortable. The baby jammies have an ankle to chin zipper, for easy diaper changes. And the patterns are cute enough without going into elf overload.

These spooky (and by spooky we mean cute) family PJs are made from organic GOTS certified breathable cotton and let you mix and match styles and prints.

Holiday PJs, but make them fancy. Roller Rabbit makes very swanky sleepwear and casual wear, and you can mix and match styles for the entire family, all made from pima cotton.

Think of as loungewear more than mere pajamas. The adult sets, after all, include a long-sleeve henley style top and relaxed pant. The sets are made from ultra-soft Peruvian Pima cotton, and are free of flame retardants. They have an elastic tie waistband, side pockets and three button placket in front. They're so elegant, you may just want to wear them out of the house.

Everyone looks good in rainbow. This striped set is made of 100% cotton and tag-free, so you won't have to go through the process of cutting out an itchy tag.

The Pottery Barn's Harry Potter collection means you can mix and match everything from your PJs to your bedsheets, letting those famous eyeglass frames and lightning bolts deck the halls, while also declaring your affiliation through pajama selection. If yours is the kind of family for whom a trip to Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be a near-religious experience, these are the pajamas for you.

Not surprisingly, L.L. Bean offers a whole range of classic Scotch plaid matching pajamas for couples — but this more affordable and equally cozy set, featuring the signature silhouette of Mount Katahdin, lets the whole family tune in the same PJ station.

The Best Matching Pajamas for You and Your Partner

Who knew bamboo was so soft? Lark apparently has for years, and its cotton-and-bamboo moisture-wicking blend is the perfect weight and feel for those approaching holidays. This matching set for you and your partner it cut slim so it's not billowing around your legs as you race to take out the trash. For those in brighter locales, it's also UPF-50-rated so you're more protected from the sun even at midday.

MeUndies rolls deep when it comes to sleepwear styles, but across its men's and women's categories, one thing remains consistent: super comfortable fabric. Its modal material is soft, stretchy, and breathable, while the patterns never cease. This allows for you to purchase pieces that he or she will love, but in the exact same look as your own. Life hack: Subscribe for a monthly drop and get your new wardrobe even cheaper.

Available in a ton of styles and even more patterns, Pajamagram has as many options as you have imagination. But it also makes plenty in which you wouldn't mind being photographed. This cotton-poly blend is super warm when the temps drop overnight.

Make it matching, but add a dash of humor. Shinesty has a ton of matching patterns for you and your partner, but selects silhouettes and patterns sure to elicit a few chuckles. These naughty reindeer are engaging in a little afternoon delight on your overnight overalls.

The Best Matching Pajamas for Your Children and Pets

These tagless cotton pajamas are cute, comfortable, and even come in doll sizes. Yes, doll sizes. If you're not into dogs, you can choose between unicorn, dinosaur, or penguin themes, as well as tie dye prints and a ton of other styles.

Seriously, it's a romper. That you wear to bed, to breakfast, and to get the mail. The brushed French terry ensembles have a zip-front opening and ribbed wrist and ankle cuffs to keep everything in place.

Often overlooked, finally you can get that matching cat PJ set your feline companion will hate. At least your furry friend will only have to wear a bandana.

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