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8 Great Liquor Cabinets for Parents With Curious Kids

Because kids can — and will — get into anything.

In the days before kids, you probably thought of yourself as a bar cart type, leaving your libations and cool barware out in the open without thought of a locking liquor cabinet. And why would you? But then children crawled into the picture. They’re grabby. They’re curious. And like pigeons to a freshly washed car, they are invariably attracted to anything that they shouldn’t touch. Top of the list: Glass, glass, and more glass. The best liquor cabinets for parents keep bottles and stemware out of reach, but easily accessible to you, behind cabinet doors that can be childproofed or locked. All of our product picks either have built-in locks or can be baby-proofed with appropriate safety locks and latches that make cabinet doors inaccessible to little hands.

With sturdy, adjustable shelving, this cabinet keeps booze out of sight but not out of mind. It's made from solid hardwood and has a 'Mad Men' vibe to it. And putting it together only takes minutes: The assembly process doesn’t require any tools or screws.

Made of American walnut veneer on engineered wood, this innovative cabinet has sliding doors instead of ones you have to yank open and slam closed. There are five different shelf levels, so plenty of room to store bottles, glasses, and shakers. Best of all, it arrives fully assembled. You'll want to use child safety latches for sliding doors with this cabinet.

So, the first thing you'll do, when it's safe to do so, is throw a cocktail party. We feel you. It's why you need this cabinet. When you open the louvered doors, you'll dazzle guests with shelves laden with bottles, stemware, tumblers, and... more tumblers. The shelf spacing is adjustable, too. The micro-etched black glass top is a durable work surface for mixing drinks.

Oenophiles, this is calling your pinot-loving name. Aside from ample room for all your booze, this cabinet has two drawers with leather pulls, one cubby, two stemware racks, and two bottle racks. It's made of white oak.

With space for 15 bottles, slots to hang wine glasses, and a cabinet to keep appearances tidy, this is a serviceable piece. Its quality might be debatable — the faux-wood is a dead giveaway — but if you're looking for an inexpensive wine and liquor cabinet to keep your accoutrements organized, this one ships via Prime.

The Best Locking Liquor Cabinets

This cabinet won't win any design awards, but is simple enough to blend in to most decors and, more importantly, has a built-in lock, if you prefer using a key to baby-proofing latches or locks. The textured chestnut cabinet is on the smaller side for those who prefer a smaller footprint, but fits the essentials — nine wine glasses and sixteen wine bottles.

We dig the antique look of this cabinet, which resembles an old-school apothecary chest, as well as the solid-wood construction. The left side interior has fixed, wooden wine racks and fits 12 bottles. The right side has a full-extension drawer that holds 12 large wine glasses. The shelves are adjustable.

A contemporary design, fully assembled, and with a lock and key to keep the kiddies out, Convenience Concepts' locking cabinet is ready to rock. Just add booze.

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