8 Great Liquor Cabinets for Parents With Curious Kids

Because kids can — and will — get into anything.

by Donna Freydkin
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A liquor cabinet, also known as a liquor bar cabinet, set against a green backdrop.

In the days before kids, you probably thought of yourself as a bar cart type, leaving your libations and cool barware out in the open without thought of a locking liquor cabinet. And why would you? But then children crawled into the picture. They’re grabby. They’re curious. And like pigeons to a freshly washed car, they are invariably attracted to anything that they shouldn’t touch. Top of the list: Glass, glass, and more glass. The best liquor cabinets for parents keep bottles and stemware out of reach, but easily accessible to you, behind cabinet doors that can be childproofed or locked. All of our product picks either have built-in locks or can be baby-proofed with appropriate safety locks and latches that make cabinet doors inaccessible to little hands.

The Best Locking Liquor Cabinets

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