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Amazon Is Having a Massive Sale on Star Wars Legos Right Now

Quite a few Lego sets from a galaxy far, far away are discounted right now.

There’s a major Lego sale happening right now. The Force is strong with Lego Star Wars sets, and for parents looking to save some Imperial Credits, the Lego deals on these sets—by definition some of the best Lego sets around—are not to be missed. A variety of iconic sets from a galaxy far, far away are discounted, including Lego Star Wars ships, AT-AP Walkers, snow speeders, and epic recreations of fan-favorite moments. Here are our favorite Lego Star Wars ships and settings that are on sale now.

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Best Deals on Lego Star Wars Sets

Share your own childhood movie memories with this classic, iconic Walker from The Empire Strikes Back, which is normally $30.

To celebrate two decades of collaboration, Lego has brought back a classic machine from the original trilogy. This 250-piece kit, aimed at kids six and up, includes the Walker, dwarf spider droid, four minifigures, and a “trench section” set piece to recreate the classic cold-weather assault scene.

Lego comes to life with this buildable, interactive Porg. It's normally $70, so this is a total score.

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One of the most memorable characters from The Last Jedi is now available with this seven-inch-tall Porg. The 811-piece kit is a harder build than inanimate kits, so children nine and up are best suited for this set. Once completed, press on the tail to make the mouth gape and the wings flap. A Porg fact plaque is also included for display.

One of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe should be considered a must-have for any fan. It’s on sale for $55, down from $80.

Do we really need to justify the purchase of an X-Wing ? Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance’s legendary attack fighter is comprised of 731 pieces and includes two minifigures (including Skywalker himself), along with two R2 droids. Push a lever and its wings shift from together to the attacking “X.” It’s best for ages eight and up.

The X-Wing is the most iconic Star Wars ship next to the Death Star and Millenium Falcon. This set comes with everything you need to build one, plus some extras — all for less than its usual $30 price tag.

This set comes with Luke and R2-D2 figures to fly around in the X-Wing — with real folding wings! — and a Stormtrooper to man the rotating turret trying to gun them down. It’s a simple, solid set for early-career Lego builders.

'The Empire Strikes Back' spends a lot of time on Hoth, the icy planet that's the site of one of the franchise's greatest battles. Recreate it with an AT-AT Imperial Walker, Echo base, five minifigures, and weapons that actually fire. You can get all of that for less than the regular $60 price.

The coolest part of this set are the color-coded targets. Hit them with the included artillery and spring-loaded minifigures will be launched into the air. If your kids tend to get bored of their Lego sets once they’re done building, this set is a great choice.

While not as ambitious as the $800 version, there's plenty to love about this Millenium Falcon included six Minifigures and plenty of accessories, and at the moment you can grab it for way less than $169.99.

Once kids build this 1,414-piece set there’s plenty more to do. Remove the canopy to check out the action inside. Fire the spring-loaded shooters. Detach the escape craft if things get hairy.

Formerly $59.99, this Star Wars Lego set lets kids build an AT-AP Walker vehicle with cockpit, articulated legs and aiming turret with a spring-loaded shooter.

Get ready for serious battle with this AT-AP Walker, which features articulated legs and retractable third leg. The set includes Chewbacca, Clone Commander Gree and a Kashyyyk Clone Trooper, plus two Kashyyyk Battle Droid figures.

Originally $40, this iconic set is on sale for $32.

Part of Lego’s 20th Anniversary Star Wars line, this iconic speeder from The Empire Strikes Back is made of 309 pieces, has spring-loaded cannons, and, of course, a harpoon shooter for tangling up the legs of those pesky walkers.

Yoda's Dagobah hut was the perfect place for Luke to hone his Jedi skills, so it makes sense that this kit would be a great way for kids to hone their Lego skills. It's down from $30.

There’s a vine for Luke to swing from and a piece that launches up, forcing him to fly up from the roof. This set also comes with three essential minifigures: Luke, R2-D2, and Yoda himself.

After they escape the trash compactor, Luke and Leia succeed in a daring attempt to board the Millenium Falcon and escape under heavy Stormtrooper fire. This set recreates that moment, and it's less than $30.

Luke, Leia, and a Stormtrooper populate this 329-piece set, which includes a rope that our heroes use to swing from platform to platform in the Death Star. We’re also fans of the movie-appropriate accessories — a blaster for Leia and a lightsaber for Luke — that come in this kit.

'The Phantom Menace' will never be considered the best Star Wars movie, but the podrace is a thing of beauty, one of the best action sequences in the franchise. This 20th-anniversary set captures that scene, and you can get Anakin's pod racer and a bonus Luke Skywalker minifigure with stand when you order this set for less than its $30 price tag.

The flaps on the podracer open and close just like in the real scene. It also has an open cockpit and an included handle that makes the model a bit less movie-accurate but much more friendly to kids who want to play with their new racer. Young Anakin and Padmé are included, but it’s the somewhat incongruous 20th anniversary Luke Skywalker minifigure that’s most exciting.

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