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Amazon Is Having a Huge Sale on Star Wars Legos Right Now

In the market for a Wookie Gunship or AT-ST Walker? You're in luck.

Some combinations just work. Like J.K. Simmons and father figure roles. Or the words “extra” and “crispy.” Or, of course, Legos and Star Wars. Yes, the beloved plastic bricks and the franchise are a match made in a galaxy far, far away. Who doesn’t want to snap together a Millennium Falcon, Wookie Gunship, or Imperial Assault Hovertank and recreate iconic Rebel missions — or lend a hand in the storylines of other action figures from the toy chest? And right now Amazon has serious markdowns on a number of great sets — including those mentioned above. Here are some of the best deals to seek out.

Lego Star Wars Wookie Gunship

LEGO Star Wars Wookiee Gunship -- amazon sale

This 84-piece Lego set lets you piece together a spaceship piloted into battle by Chewbacca’s Wookie brethren. The ship comes with its own Wookie Minifigure and has guns that shoot actual projectiles. Even better? It’s 64 percent off right now, which brings the price down to a cool $7.99.

Buy Now $10

Lego Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter -- amazon sales

Once assembled, this 262-piece Lego version of Yoda’s fighter features extendable wings, an open-and-close cockpit, and a pair of guns that actually fire real (plastic) ammo. It comes with both a Yoda and R2D2 Minifigure and measures roughly 5-inches long. It’s on sale for 20 bucks.

Buy Now $25

Lego Star Wars AT-ST Walker

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker -- amazon sales

You can snag this leggy darling of the Empire for 20 percent less than normal. In addition to poseable legs, real-firing cannons, and a detailed interior you can access via hatch, the set also comes with three mini-figures including the rifle-toting hero of the Rebellion, Baze Malbus.

Buy Now $48

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Lego Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

LEGO Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter -- amazon sales

The orange and black ship of everyone’s favorite smooth talking, droid taming Rebellion hero comes with four Minifigures (including BB8!) and its own tiny snow speeder. It measures 14 inches long and is currently on sale for 20 percent off.

Buy Now Starting at $54