Autobots, Roll Out

LEGO Optimus Prime Set Is 1,508 Pieces Of Autobot Majesty

Two childhood favorites pair up for one incredible set.

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LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime
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One of LEGO’s newest releases is a nostalgic bullseye for people who grew up in the 80s. The LEGO Optimus Prime set recreates the design of the iconic Autobot from the Transformers cartoon series (NOT the Michael Bay films).

Based on the original 1984 toy from Hasbro, this 1,508-piece set uses Technic bricks to bolster the set’s foundation, with red, blue, and sliver bricks to create an incredibly detailed recreation of the leader of the Autobots. Fortunately, the character’s original design was somewhat blocky, so the resulting LEGO build is incredibly close to the original.

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In addition to Optimus himself, the set includes accessories like Prime’s ion cannon, the energon cube, an energon ax, and the Autobot Leadership Matrix, which is stored in Optimus Prime’s chest.

The model has full range of motion on his arms, head, and hips, with some articulation in the legs and feet for a variety of poses. And true to Transformer form, the finished set actually transforms into a semi-truck without requiring builders to take apart and reassemble the build. Even better, the designers managed to arrange the build so that the transformation uses the same steps that the original toy did.

The result is one of the most impressive and accurate LEGO recreations in recent history. The most challenging part of this build will be telling your kids that they can’t play with it.

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