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The Best Lego Ninjago Sets For Passionate Spinjitzu Masters

Ninja, go! You know you want these Ninjago-themed LEGO sets.

If you’re the parent of a child, any child, you’re most likely intimately familiar with the LEGO Ninjago sets. They focus on the kooky exploits of teenage ninjas, who are fighting evil forces led by Lord Garmadon, with help from the wise Sensei Wu (who is Garmadon’s good younger brother). And chances are, you’ve sat that through the The LEGO Ninjago Movie, and yes, we did too and yes, we feel your pain.

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That being said, the world of LEGO Ninjago is crazy-detailed and quite entertaining, and revolves around a cast of characters including Cole (whose elemental power is earth), Kai (whose elemental power is fire), Zane (whose elemental power is ice), Jay (whose elemental power is lighting), Lloyd (whose elemental power is energy), and Nya (whose elemental power is water).

LEGO, being the brilliant toy company it is, has created dozens upon dozens of Ninjago sets, meant to appeal to upstart ninjas and crammed with mini figures.

Best Lego Ninjago Sets

Kids eight and up build ninja Kai’s Katana 4x4 toy truck, which has a rotating, ramming shuriken slicer and two spring-loaded shooters. The set includes five Ninjago minifigures, and stuff aplenty, including the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

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Get this: The katana 4×4 has two spring-loaded shooters. And that’s really all you need to know.

Builders eight and older can battle it out with Kai going up against Serpentine sorceress Aspheera’s stud-shooting snake Fire Fang.

The goal here is for young ninja builders to create a large Serpentine snake and fight for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Got that?

The LEGO Ninjago Firstbourne set lets kids build a stud-shooting HunterCopter helicopter, for serious ninja warrior adventures.

This set includes six mini figures: Kai, Cole, Heavy Metal, Jet Jack, Chew Toy, and Muzzle, plus a pedestal and Vengestone chain. Once kids build the Firstbourne, epic ninja battles ensue. The dragon is seven inches tall, and the HunterCopter is four inches tall. So we’re talking big here. Big. 

The Piranha Mech set has opening jaws with a mini figure cockpit inside, as well as two flick missiles. You get plenty of weapons, plus four mini figures: Kai, Misako, Shark Army Thug and Ray.

The Piranha Mech has opening jaws with a cockpit inside. You get a rickshaw, plus Kai’s two katanas and Misako’s bow and arrow. Oh, and the movie-based set also includes Misako’s quiver element.

Ninjago fans can build Jay's Storm Fighter, with its own cockpit, spring-loaded shooters and foldout wings.

The key thing with any Ninjago LEGO set is to get as many mini figures as possible. This set includes Jay, Nya, Pythor and Lash, plus the collectible Nunchucks of Lightning with a buildable Serpentine stand. It’s great for kids nine and up. 

Here's your chance to build the Ultra Dragon, with four elemental stud-shooting dragon heads, and fly into ninja battle with Lloyd against the perpetually evil yet elusive Lord Garmadon.

Given that this set has 951 pieces, it’s better for more expert builders, meaning kids nine and older. The set include a whopping six Ninjago mini figures, including Sensei Wu, Lloyd, Spitta and Lasha.

Cole's elemental power is earth, and you can build his Earth Driller, with an opening cockpit, automatic rotating drill and wheels function, and stud shooters.

The goal here, for builders eight and older, is to reclaim Cole’s Golden Weapon, the Scythe of Quakes. The set includes four mini figures: Cole, Kai, Stone Army Scout and Stone Army Warrior.

This is the most desirable of Ninjago LEGO sets, because it's the Monastery of Spinjitzu with a tea room, a hidden knife and chicken trap functions. You get all the golden weapons, plus Sensei Wu, Jay, Nya, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, Kai and Wyplash.

Kids ages nine and up can build the ultimate ninja training facility. It even includes its own tearoom. Because even ninjas need a break.

Every self-respecting Ninjago aficionado needs to own a spinjitzu tornado spinner.

Great for kids seven and up, this spinjitzu tornado of water spinner and spinjitzu tornado spinner each have three different attachments for attack, defense and speed modes. They are also hella fun to spin around. 

Kids can build Kai’s blade cycle, featuring foldout blades, and Zane’s elemental snowmobile, with a stud shooter and the Shurikens of Ice, and take back Kai’s Golden Weapon from the Serpentine snakes.

Kids ages eight and up get four LEGO mini figures — Kai and Zane , and Lasha and Spitta — plus a buildable ambush scene, the collectible Sword of Fire with its own stand, and a spinjitzu battle platform. What more could any Ninjago lover want? 

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