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Best City Lego Sets

Rated E for everyone.

One of the LEGO brand’s core lines is City LEGOs. As the name indicates, the sets depict aspects of urban life, and are great because of all the LEGO sets out there, they’re especially suitable for imaginative play. Your kid can pretend to be a doctor, a firefighter, or a police officer, among many other options. Or, dare we say it, a criminal.

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The LEGO City line launched in 1955 and since then, has been one of the brand’s most popular lines. The sets vary wildly in difficulty, and some are very suitable for younger, beginner builders. Here are the best ones worth your money.

The city that never sleeps come to your house, in this ultra-detailed LEGO set. This set includes the Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center.

Because it’s so detailed, this set is great for kids 12 and older. They can build a miniature Big Apple, with model skyscrapers and towers within the set making up the iconic skyline. 

Kids build a motorized remote-control train and tracks set that includes cargo train with four cars, a control center, an armored truck, a forklift, and rail tracks. Ideal for kids six and older.

What an incredible immersive play experience, building a motorized train set that comes with four train workers, a security officer, and a a criminal as well as a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control that operates the battery-powered railway.

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Leave it to Lego to create the ultimate fireboat toy set, complete with a multi-shot water cannon and a raising motor, plus a dock scene with ladder, warning sign, walkie-talkie, dolly and oil barrels. It comes with two mini figures and is great for builders five and older.

When a fire breaks out at the docks, the fireboat puts it out, by shooting water elements from its cannon.

Bring the NYPD, or whatever squad you like, to life with this police headquarters play set featuring a helipad, a police motorbike, and two helicopters. The set include four officers, three criminals, and a mountain lion.

The coolest thing about this LEGO City police set? You can fire the net shooter from the police station to stop the crooks’ helicopter. Kids six and older will dig this LEGO set. 

Yet another killer police station, this City LEGO set include a three-police station, mini figures, a cop car, a jail cell, a helicopter, a watch tower, toy motorcycles, and a police pursuit car.

Aimed at kids six to 12, this LEGO City police set is ideal for role-playing. Kids even have their own police dog, plus a cruiser and helicopter.

Kids can build a three-level fire station with its own scout tower and garage. And of course, there's a fire off-road vehicle with fire hose, plus a drone with spinning rotors, and a water scooter.

The LEGO City fire station is the epitome of role play. Ideal for kids five and older, this set includes a very cool light and sound brick, for heightened realism as firefighters are sent to fight a blaze.

Thanks to this LEGO City set, builders can create a modular, three-level hospital including a baby delivery room and an X-ray room with a light brick. Of course, there's also an ambulance.

Aspiring doctors and nurses, ages six and up, can get to work in their very own hospital, complete with an X-ray room that features light brick function for even more imaginative play. The set includes 11 mini figures, including three doctors and even a skeleton.

Aimed at younger builders, this City LEGO set features an ambulance plane with rotating propellers and a back hatch that opens to load the stretcher.

Suitable for kids five and up, this LEGO City ambulance plane is loaded with cool features, including spinning rotors, a stretcher and a syringe.

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