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This Tiny GPS Tracker Lets You Keep Tabs On Your Kid At All Times

It's small as a key-fob

Most parents don’t aspire to helicopter status. They don’t set out to hover, or overprotect, or wrap their kids in plastic bubbles ⏤ it just happens. Somewhere along the way to raising a strong independent kid, it’s easy to veer off track. The Jiobit is designed to steer them back on course. It’s a lightweight GPS location tracker that gives parents the peace of mind to let their kids be kids.

Designed as much for children who wander off as it is for full-on free-rangers, the key-fob sized Jiobit securely attaches to a kid’s clothes ⏤ be it a shoelace, belt, or buttonhole ⏤ thanks to a built-in loop and waistband clip. You can also just put it in their pocket. It’s both shock resistant and waterproof (naturally, it’s for kids) and the rechargeable battery averages seven days. Although depending on the strength of the cell and Wi-Fi coverage, it can get 30 days on a single charge. 

Buy Now $149

Once attached, the Jiobit uses both Wi-Fi and cell coverage to pinpoint Junior’s exact location anywhere in the world on their parent’s smartphone app. It also works like ride-sharing apps in that you watch the kid moving in real time on the map. You can set geofences around trusted spaces like a home or school and receive notifications when they arrive or if they skip out. And for trips to the mall or crowded areas, there’s even a mobile geofence that surrounds you and the phone ⏤ if a child drifts too far away, you’ll know. And for added safety, the Jiobit has a tamper-resistant security chip that prevents hacking or cloning should it fall into the wrong hands.

Buy Now $149

Because Jiobit uses cell coverage (AT&T and T-Mobile network), as well as Wi-Fi, to ensure parents are never out of range, it does require a monthly fee: $10 per month ($100 for the device) with an annual contract or $8 without ($129). It’s currently available on the company’s website.