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It’s Time To Get A Pro-Level Massage Gun — For $200 Off

Level up your fitness with this deal on the best massage gun on the market.

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Massage guns are no vanity item. The rise of popularity for this fitness gadget is not so much a fad created to make people feel good as it is the secret of a serious tool that helps serious athletes seriously compete. “Massage” is the part that will throw you. It’s a misnomer. A massage gun is really a vibrating drill whose purpose is myofascial release — loosening up the net (of sorts) that wraps around muscles and leads to inflexibility, imbalance, and, of course, injury. The price is the only reason anyone working out with regularity and purpose should hesitate to buy one of these. They aren’t cheap. But now, thanks to Black Friday, the Theragun PRO is nearly half price. Get it. Your body will thank you.

When it comes to percussion massage guns, the Theragun PRO is one of the best around. I’m a (once) competitive runner who has hit forty — and whose chronically tight IT band and calves have brought on a rash of injuries. On the advice of renowned sports fitness guru Dr. Jordan Metzl, I turned to massage guns. In shopping, I tried out the Hypervolt 2 (in the doctor’s office) and proceeded to try the Theragun and Power Plate guns on my own (it’s good to have fit friends). While I ended up with the Power Plate for home use because it was cheaper and slightly quieter, all three are powerful and did what they were meant to do — releasing tension in my calves and quads and letting me run again, at speed, without strain.

If this $200 deal had emerged when I was shopping, there’s no doubt in my mind I would have strongly considered the Theragun PRO. So enjoy, and make sure you dig deep into proper use (this is one solid video). It’ll hurt, but in the right way.

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