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If You’re Not Pelting Your Kids With This Cheese Ball Machine Gun You’re Parenting Wrong


As much as you probably try not to encourage your kid to eat junk food or use weapons, a combination of those two things is a different story altogether. Enter the DIY science genius at Night Hawk Projects, who figured out how to build a cheese ball machine gun out of a standard issue leaf blower and a Costco-size barrel of cheese balls. And to think — you thought the only cheese ball gun was your hand and the only target was your mouth.

The project only requires a few pieces PVC tubing, some epoxy, and a dremel or sander to carve the one component that requires a bit of engineering — a wedge that incorporates some fluid dynamics to create a vacuum in the gun barrel. Fortunately, it’s all clearly spelled out in the video, so you don’t have to actually know anything about fluid dynamics to make it work. You just have to know about cheese balls, which should be no problem. For you. Your kids are screwed.

Now, let's just say you're not quite the DIY master of your dreams. Get this Nerf gun instead. It's a fully-motorized high-capacity beast that fires darts and comes with its own rechargeable battery. Feel free to try it with cheese balls to see what happens.

[H/T] Gear Junkie