The Hot Wheels Zoom In is built to drive with the beloved action cam on its back.


Hot Wheels' New Car Costs $1, Is GoPro Compatible

by Matt Berical

You spend hours setting up all the S-turns, death-drops, figure eights, and loop-de-loops for your Hot Wheels racers. And while it’s exciting to see if the die-cast car can handle the insane track from afar, it’d be even better to watch the excitement from vehicle-eye view. Well, now you can. Hot Wheels’ new Zoom In, which costs $1 (well, technically speaking it’s $1.09), is GoPro-compatible. Simply snap in the beloved camera and you can watch the action from eye-level.

The Zoom In looks like a standard Hot Wheel’s car that got its middle carved out. In it’s place is a square slot where the GoPro Hero Session or Hero5 Session cameras snap into place. It’s secured by a bar, where it remains stable enough to snag video of the car’s sick stunts.

Here’s some video GoPro x Lego grabbed of a Zoom rocketing down a beach-side course.

Seeing the car from this perspective is really fun, as it makes standard courses seem like mini rollercoaster tracks. And it’s pretty smart for Lego to align with GoPro. Their action cameras finally have a footprint that’s small enough to fit snugly in the chassis of a standard sized car. Plus, given the amount of YouTubers who have taken to strapping cameras to cars to snag similar footage, why not make it easier for everyone to get in on the first-person perspective.

That said, this isn’t the first time Hot Wheels has tried to entice audiences with cameras. In 2011, Mattel came out with the Hot Wheels Video Racer, which had its own built-in camera. A neat idea, sure, but resolution wasn’t that great and the prospect of shelling out for a car with a tiny camera wasn’t that that intriguing to buyers. As such, the Video Racer swiftly drove to the great toy junk yard.

The Zoom-In is a more interesting option. If you have a Session camera, what’s the harm in throwing down a few bucks to show your kids that fire-person view of stunts and sick crashes? The price is right and so is the perspective.

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