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Best Hot Wheels Tracks

It's fun to collect Hot Wheels. It's even more fun to make them do jumps, stunts, and crashes on these track sets.

A Hot Wheels car collection without tracks is like a plain peanut butter sandwich: still good, but clearly missing a key ingredient that would make it way better. Luckily, there are a bunch of different Hot Wheels tracks for parents to get for their car-loving kids.

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And while you might think that a track’s a track, we’re here to tell you that there’s actually a lot of variation between the available options. Whether your kid is into crashes, chemistry, make-believe, or something entirely different, there’s a Hot Wheels track that’s perfect for them. Not all tracks are compatible, so double-check before you buy more than one, but other than that you can’t go wrong with our favorite Hot Wheels tracks.

A great track for kids who want to bring their toys to their friends' houses.

Flip out the launcher and landing spot and put up the loop and this on-the-go carrier, which holds 19 cars at a time, becomes a solid set in its own right. And when it’s time to go home, it’s just as easy to fold everything up and put the cars away. Bonus: the chances of your kid leaving a car behind go way down when they’re toting this set.

This set is double trouble, with two loops, two tight curves, and a powered laucnher that can propel two cars at once.

We’re big fans of the powered boosters, which speed cars up without huge, roller coaster-style drops. They take four C batteries, which is a lot, but your kids will go nuts the first time the booster simultaneously blasts two cars through the loops. Totally worth it.

The motorized boosters in the center of four steeply banked curves make for exciting crashes every time.

There’s a lot of skill and strategy in auto racing, but even the people who don’t watch it for wreckage don’t mind an accident or two. The same is true for Hot Wheels, with much lower stakes, which is why this quad-curve set is such a winner. Kids can make a game of how many times their car can make it through the center, but there’s still an epic crash every time.

This large, comprehensive set is great for first-times or kids with some experience who want to expand their builds.

The 40+ pieces in this set include track, connectors, and bricks along with a jump, launcher, and loop. Basically, it’s everything kids need to experiment with and design their own custom tracks. If your kid’s creative, this set — which comes with a carrying bag — is a great choice.

Either way your kids set up these ramps, they're in for some solid action.

These twin ramps can be arrayed parallel to each other, for distance competitions and the like, or opposite each other, for airborne crashes made even cooler by the clamps on top of the vehicles that can hold small objects, adding to the carnage. The set also includes a stand that holds a tablet to capture the wrecks on video.

A clever twist adds something to this track set that we've never seen before.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters cars have paint that changes color when it gets wet, with different color reactions in warm and cool water. Kids can fill the reservoir at the top of this set with warm water to douse their cars, causing a color shift, before hitting the lever and saving them with a plunge in one of the other two color-shift zones full of cool water.

This is the rare Hot Wheels toy that incorporates more imaginative play, with a complete tire shop to quote-unquote service your kid's diecast vehicles.

Kids can put their Hot Wheels cars through the door at the bottom of the spiral ramp and spin the hubcap on top to move them up to the top. There, there are gas and air nozzles that’ll get their cars ready to go (in their imagination). The ramp ends in a large novelty tire that has a lever on the side, Push it down and the newly serviced cars blast out of the other side.

This track set was made with stunt-loving kids in mind. It can be set up in four different configurations, each with a corresponding stunt challenge.

This kit comes with track pieces, launchers, targets, and more. Longest jump, drop down, and vertical challenges are great, but kids who love crashes will love the criss-cross challenge the most. It depends on timing the launches of both cars so they can make it through the loop without colliding.

One of our favorite toys last year, we're still big fans of this large and in charge playset.

With parking space for 140 cars, it’s a great gift for kids who really love Hot Wheels. But it’s not just storage. There’s a motorized elevator, a dual corkscrew track, and a car maintenance station. There’s even a carrier plane that can land on top and unload a car from its hold and a gorilla that climbs that tower and takes swipes at cars, because why not?

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