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Best Hot Wheels Cars

Whether your kid's a Hot Wheels novice or a seasoned collector, there's a great car (or pack of cars) for them on this list.

Hot Wheels cars were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2011, a testament not just to their longevity but to how much kids, even those bombarded with screens everywhere they go, seem to love the miniature cars. Chances are you played with them when you were young, and that your kid also loves (or will love) playing with Hot Wheels today.

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But getting some new wheels for your son or daughter can be tricky, as a lot of them seem to differ only aesthetically. We looked through what’s on the market now and found a solid variety of options, choices for many different kinds of kids. From branded models to exotic luxury cars to an impressively huge bulk pack, these are the best Hot Wheels to buy for the kids who are starting or expanding their collection.

These six cars inspired by the Toy Story franchise are a great gift for kids who want to take their Hot Wheels to infinity—and beyond!

Each of these cars is inspired by a beloved character from Toy Story 4, everyone from classics like Woody and Buzz the the brand-new character, Forky. No word on if these come alive and talk to each other when kids are out of the room.

DC fans will love this five-pack of cars, each inspired by a different legendary character.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern come to life in these cars, with art on the box and the vehicles by Alex Ross, a beloved illustrator who’s worked on both Marvel and DC titles.

Kids put two monster trucks up against each and a mechanical shark. Either they land inside the arena's central trophy to win, or if they miss, they become shark food.

What’s better than Hot Wheels? Why, two Hot Wheels monster trucks going up against a mechanical shark, of course. You want to be the first monster truck to land inside the trophy at the center of a circular arena. Or else, you’re shark dinner.

Kids use their Hot Wheels cars to defeat a giant spider and save Hot Wheels city.

Kids three and older can get this playset, plus assorted others, to connect them all and be the saviors of Hot Wheels city. This mean defeating spiders, scorpions and alligators.

This epic set features a gigantic Cobra that can trap cars in his jaws.

Yes, an actual cobra traps Hot Wheels cars in its jaws. But kids can crush the cobra by launching a car over its head and down its tail.

There's no superhero as identified with a vehicle as Batman is with the Batmobile, so this collection of TV- and movie-inspired Batmobiles is a no-brainer.

These diecast cars are must-haves for diehard fans of the Caped Crusader. There are seven different Batmobiles, everything from the tank-like beast from The Dark Knight to the bulbous cruiser from Tim Burton’s Batman. But our favorite might just be Penguin’s ridiculous Duck from Batman Returns.

Save this one for kids who simply can't get enough Hot Wheels.

The cars in this set come individually packaged, so you can stock up and have gifts on hand just in case you need them. The designs themselves are random and diverse, with both classic and new models in every pack.

The big, red Spider-Man-themed car is actually an easy-to-use launcher for smaller cars.

This Homecoming-themed red car has “eyes” behind its windshield that narrow when its spoiler is depressed, firing the included white web car (or mos Hot Wheels car) from behind the grill forward with speed.

  • Hot Wheels Diecast Car from the 2018 50th Anniversary collection.

Hot Wheels have been around since 1968, which means the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. To celebrate, it released five different reproductions of the original Hot Wheels, including this ’67 Mustang with a limited-edition Hot Wheels 50 logo on the front doors.

Hot Wheels' relatively young line of monster trucks is a nice change of pace for kids who want something a little bigger and badder.

Diecast metal bodies and oversized wheels make these trucks nice and rugged. We’re also fans of the different models — a star-spangled Hot Wheels fire truck, dairy-themed “Milk Monster,” a shark with painted-on flames — that lean into the ridiculous fun of monster truck culture.

If your kids love dinosaurs, and they love Hot Wheels, they will love this set.

Kids load a Hot Wheels car onto the launcher and slam the wheels into the Triceratops to try and take him down. Hours of fun! 

This car has a GoPro-compatible mount so kids can capture first-person views of its jumps and stunts.

This car adds a level of novelty to a toy that by and large hasn’t changed since its release. If you don’t have a GoPro, it’s not all that useful, but if you do have a GoPro it’s a must-buy.

These are the cars to get if your kid appreciates the finer things in life.

Some cars are well out of reach of the common man, so these five models are the next best thing. There’s a Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Renault, all in different colors. If you’re raising a car kid, she’ll appreciate the variety and fanciness of these cars.

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