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The Best Horse Toys for Your Budding Equestrians

Because it's more than an obsession. It's a lifestyle.

For kids who are obsessed with geldings or fillies, horses are more than just an animal or a mere toy. They’re an extension of your child’s personality. If you have a horse-loving kid (a “horse girl” or “horse boy” as some call them), then you already know this and your living room is likely a repository of pretend barns, stables, and meadows. You and your kid may have already started collecting horse figurines from stalwarts like Schleich and Breyer Horses. Or maybe your kid prefers something closer to the real thing, something like a hobby horse or rocking horse that makes them feel like a cowboy or cowgirl galloping through a field, thus honing their gross motor skills and sense of balance. The best horse toys, hobby horses, and rocking horses fuel kid imaginations, look like the real thing, don’t skimp on the quality, and aren’t too much of an eyesore.

The Best Rocking Horse Toys

Simple and basic, this rocking horse is made of plastic, has been around forever, and helps young kids develop their motor skills and mastery of balance.

If you've got the space, you need this horse. It can walk, trot, and gallop. Oh and when your kid feeds it a carrot, it makes chewing sounds. In this case, the weight limit is 60 pounds.

If you don't have room in your house to stow away big toys like a rocking horse, than it makes sense to buy one that doubles as a decorative piece that you can keep in the corner of your living room or playroom. The simple rocking horse is made from sustainably sourced and renewable rattan and looks like an actual showpiece.

With soft, curved edges, this wooden rocking horse is an easy way for your kid to have fun while staying safe. This particular one comes with its own saddle and is built with leverage for easy rocking.

Biscuit's funky purple exterior already makes this rocking horse stand out from the crowd. It's got wood handles for a solid grip.

A regular ol' rocking horse has nothing on this motion-stimulated riding pony. By gently bouncing up and down on the saddle, kids can make the horse go backwards and forwards on its own like they're actually riding a real-life, moving horse. And they use their bodies to make the horse move.

Yes, this Saks pony is on the expensive side. But if you are looking to splurge, it's well worth the price. The golden steed is sewn out of extra-durable woven plush fabric and includes a realistic, detailed saddle so your kid can ride around in style. Plus, Steiff is known for making the best play animals, period.

A natural wooden horse with playful red accents, this MoMa exclusive offers an artistic and unique take on the traditional rocking horse. With a removable safety support arch, it's an ideal horse for beginner riders.

The Hobby Horse Toys

This simple hobby stick is portable, durable, and fun. An adjustable stick allows for three different sizes depending on your kid's size, and comes with reigns so they can better hold onto their horse as they go ridin'. When you press the right ear, it neighs.

Best for preschoolers who already have a sense of balance, this sturdy hobby horse makes neigh sounds when kids press on either ear.

Sometimes, basic is best. You get a bust with a thick of mane of hair, atop a wooden stick. Let your kid run with their imagination.

Each pony is features a decorative ribbon horse halter and lacquered birch dowels that are sure to last for years to come.

The Best Mini Horse Toys

Schleich is the industry leader in all things equine. Hannah is the newest member of Schleich's horse club. The riding set comes with a beautiful Tennessee Walker mare and adjustable hurdles that are perfect for play barrel racing.

Sofia and her Andalusian mare are also new additions to the Schleich family. With a saddle, bridle, and reins, the simple figurine belongs in any stable set.

This set of 12 toys is all about the details: Realistic textures, plus manes and tails. It's a great starter set for the horse lover in your home.

Collectible items from Breyer are known for their sleek simplicity and high quality. This all-black mare, set on its two hind feet in an excited gesture, doubles as a toy and actual decor.

This affordable mini horse set is a perfect starting-off point for kids that are just beginning to collect horses. It's a good call to see if your kid's love for horses is just a phase before you go all in with collectable items.

This all-encompassing stable set will have your kid occupied for hours. The all-wooden set comes with two horses, stables, blankets, brush, broom, spade, hay, and a bucket, so your kid can go to town caring for the animals.

If you can't afford your own horse stable, then this is the next best thing. This high quality set includes eight horses, a wooden stable, and an attached breeding guide. It even comes with a handle at the top, making the entire thing easy to transport to outings to the park.

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