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9 Pairs of Funny Socks to Give Your Feet Some Personality

Silly socks are an easy way to radically improve your day.

After months of working from home, things are coming to a head. You’re fighting to stay focused, bickering over computer time, hiding out in the bathroom for uninterrupted Zoom meetings — the list of indignities goes on. We feel you. It’s rough. Sometimes we need a small mood-lifter, a showcase of sillier, brighter things in life. Which is where funny men’s socks come into play. If the clothes make the man, then it’s time to remake yourself as an easier-going, more laid-back kind of dude. These silly socks won’t make working from home with your screaming toddler on your lap any easier, but they might make a non-crying kid smile, and they can can at least brighten your mood when you get dressed in the morning. That is, if you’re still getting dressed in the morning.

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to f--- with, and neither are you in your Friday all-staff meeting. This over-calf option by Stance warms in against cold-snap drafts thanks to long coverage and a wool-blend material. Sure, you may not be as dangerous as a swarm of killa bees, but you're still ready to crush that Zoom presentation.

Don't let its behatted rabbi, seen here shooting what appears to be Street Fighter-inspired flaming dreidels, suggest that you don't take your job seriously. Certainly not. The cotton-blend fabric is soft against the skin, great at wicking sweat, and elegant enough for your cubicle or standing desk.

You'd be in sorry shape if it weren't for your family, so time to put your feet where your mouth is with this father/child combo pack. You're the Beast (obviously), while your young Disney Princess gets Belle. Together you'll enjoy the company's trademark breathability, flexibility, and soft against-the-skin comfort.

Long known for its performance-centric socks, this fun holiday edition by Tennessee's Swiftwick borrows heavily on its heritage. The synthetic blend is carefully woven to create medium compression, reducing foot fatigue for those marathon days at the standing desk. Up top, its festive snow globes are a fun way to ring in the season.

The king of wool socks still knows how to get down with its Gnomes. See them skiing the winter tundra and shouldering their packs against the coming storm. As for you, you'll be plenty comfy thanks to its fine merino wool, which is naturally anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and insulating wet or dry.

Blue Q's socks aren't just on point in terms of what they say, they're also very well made and thin enough to be worn during warmer temps. These crew socks give voice to the blowhard in all of us.

You know what a man with a Tarantino obsession calls his dress socks? That's right: A Royale with Cheese. This homage to the famous 'Pulp Fiction' scene is more than just good looks. The Egyptian cotton blend includes a reinforced heel and toe and chafe-less seams so that what's between you and your shoes is the last thing you're thinking about when engaged in pithy dialogue with colleagues and coworkers.

We don't advise putting a stapler in Jello unless you're really, really bored, but these socks, an ode to Dwight Schrute, are a reminder of some of the hilarious absurdity of the Before Times. They're made of combed cotton, with his visage front and center.

The pattern on these cotton-and-poly-blend crew socks are a colorful take on the classic Rolling Stones logo — loud enough to match your WFH speaker volume. Happy Socks has also done collabs with Queen and other monsters of classic rock.

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