The Best Horse Toys for Your Budding Equestrians

Because it's more than an obsession. It's a lifestyle.

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four horse toys pictured against a multicolored back drop

For kids who are obsessed with geldings or fillies, horses are more than just an animal or a mere toy. They’re an extension of your child’s personality. If you have a horse-loving kid (a “horse girl” or “horse boy” as some call them), then you already know this and your living room is likely a repository of pretend barns, stables, and meadows. You and your kid may have already started collecting horse figurines from stalwarts like Schleich and Breyer Horses. Or maybe your kid prefers something closer to the real thing, something like a hobby horse or rocking horse that makes them feel like a cowboy or cowgirl galloping through a field, thus honing their gross motor skills and sense of balance. The best horse toys, hobby horses, and rocking horses fuel kid imaginations, look like the real thing, don’t skimp on the quality, and aren’t too much of an eyesore.

The Best Rocking Horse Toys

The Hobby Horse Toys

The Best Mini Horse Toys

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