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Hasbro Announces Personalized Action Figures — And We’re Already In Line

Soon you’ll be able to put your face on an action figure. Really.

by Jon Gugala
Originally Published: 
Two Hasbro personalized action figures

Every ‘80s kid’s dream has come true: Soon, you’ll be able to your own custom action figure thanks to Hasbro and 3D printing company Formlabs. The toy giant and its fabrication partner will be releasing a direct-to-consumer option for one-off figurines as part of the Hasbro Selfie Series.

Users capture a scan of their face via its mobile app, Hasbro Pulse, then have further ability to customize their character’s features and hairstyle. At some point following, the likeness, shrunken to a collector-grade six-inch toy, arrives on your doorstep.


Upon release, users will be able to place their visages on Star Wars, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, and Marvel characters, but it’s safe to assume that more will be made available for customization.

If you can’t wait until fall, attendees of the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place July 21-24, will be the first to have a chance to demo the software and create miniature-sized versions of themselves. The U.S. rollout will take place in the fall at an as-yet-specified date.

It’s hard to not be incredibly hyped on these customized action figures. Maybe your Selfie Series likeness will live on a mantle. Or maybe it will embark on new adventures as your son or daughter’s favorite toy. You’ve heard that not all superheroes wore capes. With Hasbro’s new line of customizable action figures, now you can.

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