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13 Halloween Face Masks to Keep You Safe and In the Holiday Spirt

These face masks feature Halloween designs and pair well with existing costumes to keep your family in the spirit, safely.

Halloween 2020, like everything else this year, will be different. How different will it be for you and your family? It’s hard to say, exactly. It depends on several factors, including COVID numbers in your particular area and how safe you feel about your neighborhood’s precautions. One thing for certain in all this uncertainty, however, is that, whether or not true trick-or-treating is allowed to take place, Halloween masks and costumes will still be worn. Since cotton face masks are necessary for preventing the spread of COVID, there are plenty of protective options that can go hand-in-hand with child and adult costumes.

So, if you’re looking for a coronavirus face mask to pair with your Halloween costume, then look no further. The Halloween themed coronavirus face masks featured here keep everyone safe and pair well with existing Halloween costumes. They follow CDC guidelines for face masks, covering the whole mouth and nose snugly, are secured with adjustable straps or ear loops, and are made with multiple layers of cotton. From classic Halloween costumes like skeletons and mummies to more original ones, like a vampire cat, these Halloween face masks for adults and kids will get everyone in the spirit, safely.

The Best Adult Halloween Face Masks

Going for a Wizard of Oz or fall family theme? All you need to complete the scarecrow look is a flannel and maybe a straw hat.

If you want a costume with that classic Halloween vibe, this Jack-o-Lantern mask can be dressed up to be friendly or fiendish.

Skip the plastic vampire teeth this year, which never last more than a few minutes. This mask provides the same look, much more comfortably.

Pair this teeth-bearing mask with a little fake blood and call yourself shark week.

Walking Dead character? Zombified Person Who's Been Inside For Six Months? The costume ideas with this mask are endless

This llama costume just happens to double as a face mask. It's cotton on the inside and fuzzy on the outside, and can be purchased separately or with the headband.

Who doesn't want to be a sloth for Halloween? Just wear brown and remember to move slowly.

Throw some sunglasses on and you're a cool skeleton. Wear this with a pirate hat and a simple cross bones on your body and you're a walking pirate flag.

The moon will be full on Halloween this year so this mask makes a lot of sense.

Have your partner wear a Queen Elizabeth mask and you've got yourself one hell of a couple's costume.

Kid’s Halloween Face Masks

Crayola released a Halloween pack of kid's masks, including a jack-o-lantern, witch, mummy, and vampire mask, all of which make for instant costumes when paired with an accessory or two.

He vants to suck the... contents of that can of Friskies.

If your kid is going as a mermaid, they need this sparkly scale mask.

Spot your kid easily after dusk with this glow in the dark spiderweb mask. It comes in adult, teen, and kids sizes, but currently, only the kid's ones are in stock.

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