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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Because, if we're being honest, the Christmas stockings are way more fun to dig through.

Big gifts are great. But parents should not overlook the power of the Christmas stocking. Stocking stuffers are smaller and cheaper than their wrapped counterparts, but they still have the power to delight, thrill and give kids something to do while parents are getting their pre-present coffee in their system. Whether you open Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve or let the kids have at them first thing on Christmas morning, these are 1the top Christmas stocking stuffers for kids that are sure to thrill from building kits and tech toys to art supplies and, of course, something sweet to snack on.

What's funnier than poop you can eat? Nothing. That's what.

The eternally-beloved poop emoji is edible. Trust us on this: Your kid will love this more than nearly anything else under the tree. It’s actually fluffy black cherry cotton candy.

No, these boogers are not edible. Yes, they are joyfully gross.

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Kids can yank and stretch these fake boogers, and best of all, they don’t stick to walls and later have to be scraped off with cleaners (speaking from experience).

Delight the unicorn aficionado in your family with this mystical putty.

Made from nontoxic silicone, this putty doesn’t dry out. Which sort of sucks for parents. But on the flip side, this particular putty glows in the dark and has neon rainbow speckles for DIY unicorns.

Your aspiring astronomer will be into this starry wall decor.

You get 200 glow in the dark stars, plus a moon. Nighty night.

A menagerie of oddball and wildly cool Lego characters.

Packed in blind boxes, these Lego figures, including Fox Costume girl (with Chicken!) and Galactic Bounty Hunter, will be a hit for your Lego fan. Now they can add a whole host of new characters to their builds, or keep them in a separate mini-figure collection.

Get a POV on the Hot Wheels track action.

The GoPro-compatible camera mount on this otherwise typical diecast car means kids can capture first-person video of their Hot Wheels track creations. It’s a super simple but totally great idea, and a more than worthy stocking stuffer.

So-called Baby Yoda is the mysterious, middle-aged baby of an unnamed species that the world needs right now. He’s probably also kids’ favorite thing in Disney+ right now. And because these tees are about the only Baby Yoda merch currently on the market, they’ll be about the only way to rep everyone’s favorite alien on Christmas morning.

Your kids writing and drawing stinks! Literally!

Stockings serve as a great way to hide upgrades for your kid’s artistic arsenal. Consider packing them with some of these colored pencils, which are scented and never need to be sharpened — you simply twist the pencil head to expose more lead.

Magnetic building blocks in a small package.

These Honduran-made wooden blocks are beautiful in their own right. But they’re made all the more attractive by the fact they have magnets embedded in them, so kids can stick and unstick them together to their heart’s content. This set of eight comes with a pouch to keep them organized on the go.

This compact kit comes with everything kids need to make a self-contained ecosystem in a jar. It’s a great way to teach kids about the environment, and the kits include glow-in-the-dark stickers, which make everything better.

Light and speed in a tiny package.

Put this little LED light changing car in the clear plastic ball that’s included and it spins wildly inside like a mini-globe of death. You can also tether the car to a pencil or a finger and watch it whip around in circles. Look, it’s not fancy, but it’s exactly the right gift for a stocking.

Get kids working on the next comics universe now.

The popularity of Dave Pilkey (of Dog Man and Captain Underpants fame) has spawned a whole generation of kids longing to write their own unruly comics. This blank comic book offers the layouts kids need to hone their comic book chops without having to draw all the boring boxes first.

Make music with the most compact instrument known to man.

A classic harmonica is a perfect starting instrument for kids. It’s small enough to carry around, it makes music with a simple breath and it’s wildly easy to use it to make a racket. Will parents want to tear it out of their child’s hands by the end of Christmas day? Maybe. But just think of all the noise that can be made until then.

Cotton candy in a bag, disguised as unicorn farts.

Aside from small toys and art supplies, Christmas stockings should also be filled with treats. This pack of fruit-punch flavored cotton candy bills itself as a sweet, unicorn-fart-in-a-bag. It will make children laugh and then it will spike their blood sugar, which is basically all that is necessary on Christmas morning.

A British Christmas classic sweet that every kid should try.

Terry’s chocolate oranges combine excellent British chocolate with a hint of orange oil. But that’s not all these very English treats have going for them. The chocolate arrives in the shape of an orange with 20 slices which are loosened when you whack the wrapped ball on a table.

For a game of war on a peaceful Christmas morning

Everyone should own a deck of cards, and cards fit in stockings. Don’t overthink it.