The Best GPS Trackers for Kids and Their Concerned Parents

Peace of mind for you. Independence for them.

by Donna Freydkin
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Strapping a GPS kid tracker to your kid may seem a bit Big Brother, but childhood is all about lack of privacy, and odds are your son or daughter doesn’t even read George Orwell. The modern reality is that children are afforded unprecedented amounts of freedom, and within that space, there are myriad dangers, from those external to your child’s internal choices. That’s tracking devices for kids exist. Young children, even toddlers, want their own space, and these tech items establish boundaries and protections as a safeguard. For lovingly observant parents, the best GPS trackers for kids can be a balm on frayed nerves while extending offspring a much-needed sense of independence. So assuage your guilt, and remember that objecting children will have their chance to rebel when they get to that ivy-covered college for which you’ve been saving.

When looking for GPS trackers, search for an option that’s out of the way of your child’s life. Durability is another factor, as kids tend to play rough. An SOS button offers great peace of mind should they get into unexpected trouble, while boundary alerts are a godsend as you’re loosening the leash. Finally, battery life is crucial, as the device is little more than dead weight if it dies by recess.

But let us add that more important than any one device is your ability to calmly communicate with your child about expectations and limits. These conversations, more than the latest tracking device for kids, can work wonders while rendering your new GPS dongle little more than a redundancy. In the end, it’s more about trust than the tech.

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