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This Gift Time Machine Will Remind You Of The Toys You Wanted As A Kid

Time travel would really help with the holiday toy shopping, wouldn’t it? You could go back and snatch up some Hatchimals before they sold out. Or you could just go back to pickup that Lego set your kid wants without having to wait in line for half the day. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. But you can do some holiday toy time travel of a different kind by visiting Gift Time Machine. The site is more of a digital time capsule than a DeLorean, but it offers a nice injection of nostalgia … and another reason for your kid to call you old.

gift time machine

The Gift Time Machine lets you toggle between 6 decades of toys and choose four that “changed your life.” (Like when Stretch Armstrong inspired you to stop swimming in a shirt.) Once you identify your top picks, you can share them on Facebook. Then, they can either shame you or buy you them (or both). Unless you already received those Rock’ Em Sock’ Em Robots as a wedding present.

If anything, browsing through a half-century of kid’s gifts is an important reminder of how much toy trends are recycled over time. Don’t think that’s true? Then ask your brand new Teddy Ruxpin. So if you can’t nab a Hatchimal this year, don’t worry: Your kids can get their own when they’re grown up. Those egg creatures will definitely be back.