This Popular Baby Travel Baby ‘Dome’ Is Only $32 Today

Because who wants to lug a Pack n' Play to the beach?

by Dave Baldwin
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On-The-Go Baby Dome

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Or doing tummy time. Or just lying on their backs pretending they can see your face. As such, parents who want to leave the house for any length of time with a new infant need a place to put them down. And while a travel crib is fine for bigger trips, nobody wants to lug a Pack n’ Play out every time they go to the beach, park, or visit a friend. Which is why Fisher Price’s On-the-Go Dome is so popular, and why today’s half-price sale so alluring.

Winner of an innovation award at last year’s JPMA Show, the On-the-Go Dome is a lightweight 2-in-1 mesh play space/nap crib that folds flat at the touch of a button. It’s designed for babies from age just-born up to 12 months (25lbs) and features a cushioned mat and two dangling toys to help keep them busy/develop motor skills. Better still, it’s made for both indoor and outdoor use and a retractable fabric UPF20 canopy turns the whole thing into a little Safeco Field, so the kid’s protected from the sun and bugs.

The On-the-Go Baby Dome normally retails for $70 but is currently marked down $32 at both Target and on Amazon. It comes in three colors (grey, white, or blue), and you can see it in action here.

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