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The Best Portable Cribs for Bringing Your Baby on Vacation

Because your kid needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

There’s no winging things when you’re a parent, especially when you’re a parent during a pandemic. If you’re going on a road trip with your baby, you need a safe, clean, and comfortable portable bassinet or portable baby bed for said infant to sleep in. It’s why a travel crib is a smart investment that, if chosen wisely, should serve you for years to come.

A travel crib, an easy transportable, enclosed sleeping surface designed for babies, makes it easy for your baby (and therefore parents) to get some shuteye after a long day navigating different time zones. First and foremost, you want it to have a flat sleeping surface, because those are the safest options for your baby. The great travel cribs are lightweight and fold up compactly. They’re easy to carry, and they open and shut smoothly with minimal effort; custom included tote bags are an added bonus for hauling them around. They also have removable mattresses and/or washable mattress covers, because, you know, babies.

Every travel crib on this list is relatively easy to set up, but the 4moms breeze GO is the simplest. Push down on a central hub and the legs extend/lock into place automatically. To pack it up, pull on the central hub strap and to automatically release the locks and contract the legs. It comes with a travel bag, and the mattress is designed to be cleaned with a damp cloth. And it's suitable for babies up to 30 pounds.

This wheeled play yard doubles as a portable crib, has wheels for easy movability, and is great if you plan on using it until your kid is a toddler. This one works from birth on and fits kids who are up to 35 inches tall. It comes with a travel bag and folds up for trips.

The updated style of NUNA's popular travel crib has more airflow, so your baby is cooled off from any angle. The mattress can be placed in a higher bassinet position for younger babies, and lowered for older ones. It has a one-handed fold that's refreshingly simple. The legs are skid-proof. It can be used from birth until your baby is 30 pounds.

The beauty of the Lotus is that it's designed to save your aching back. Rather than having to lean over the mesh walls of the crib to put down and pick up your baby, this clever crib features a zippable side-panel door that lets you slide your little one in easily. Even better, you can leave it open during playtime so you kid can crawl in and out on his own. In transit, the backpack straps make it easy to carry with you. And when you arrive at your destination, it only takes 15 seconds to set up the Lotus.

If you're brave enough to travel with your newborn, this side sleeper could be your savior: It has a metal frame that folds flat for travel. You can use this portable travel sleeper from birth until your baby starts to roll over. The set includes a mattress pad and fitted sheet. It's basic, but will serve you will for a short amount of time.

If you have a newborn, this is another great travel crib. This go-anywhere bassinet weighs less than two-and-a-half pounds and has a built-in carrying handle. To break it down, all you have to do is push the four release buttons and fold it in half. The removable, water-resistant mattress pad and fitted sheet set are included and the weight limit is 15 pounds.

Here's a no-frills but ultra-durable portable crib with snap-on legs and a washable mattress pad. It's easy to set up and easy to take apart. It's sturdy, and its simple design makes it fit with any decor. But do note that the weight limit is only 20 pounds.

Ease of use is paramount when it comes to portable travel cribs, which is why the Baby Bjorn's one-motion set up is so attractive: simply pop the frame open and the legs automatically swing into place. The slightly tapered shape makes this crib nice and stable, and the mesh sides make it both cool for your sleeping baby and lightweight for your back. Best of all, there is no set weight limit.

Here's a genius full-sized crib that folds flat without any disassembly required. This is the cost-effective solution for parents who want a full-sized crib at home that segues into a travel crib when you hit grandma's house for the holidays. It has locking wheels, and folds flat thanks to its patented folding system. No tools required. It fits babies up to 50 pounds. And when your kid outgrows it, you fold it up and store it.

This folding enclosed napping spot doubles as a play space with included hanging toys. This dome-shaped crib from Fisher-Price has a canopy that'll keep your baby safe from sun and bugs if you decide to have a picnic. It's great for travel because it folds flat easily, and when your baby is able to roll over, you can use it for tummy time.

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