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Fatherly Now Has Cool T-Shirts for Every Kind of Cool Dad

With a limited-edition collection of band-inspired tees, Fatherly is upping your style.

Fatherly is proud to announce its first line of t-shirts. Made for dads by dads, these concert-inspired shirts celebrate the diversity of men embracing fatherhood as a lifestyle, activity, and calling. Constructed from pre-shrunk cotton — the flattering stuff, not the clingy stuff — and double-needle stitched for durability, the four limited edition tees represent a statement of purpose for men going all out for their kids and a rejection of the inanity of most dad shirts.

We at Fatherly believe that dads can be cool and that you can probably pull these off with a leather jacket. We might be wrong, but we have faith.

Whether you have an Eddie the Head poster in the basement, Glen Campbell in your headphones, a “Fear of a Black Planet” CD in the attic, or a Black Flag tattoo up your sleeve, there’s something here for you. Rock it and roll out with the kid.

Check out the collection below and pick up your favorite (or favorites!) online at the Fatherly Store.

Metal dads hate acoustic guitars, love head banging, and know that Black Sabbath recorded excellent lullabies.

You know Ozzy Osbourne would approve of this shirt. Enough said.

Punk dads aren't afraid to let their kids rebel, as long as they never talk shit about The Clash.

Yeah, we know, it’s a teeny bit cliche, but hey, it’s better than the lip-synching alternatives out there.

Country dads know that it's OK to cry, especially when 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry' comes on the radio.

Johnny Cash. Willie Nelson. Dolly Parton. Need we say more? You can by wearing this T-shirt.

Hip hop dads know that writing on the wall is graffiti practice and banging on pots and pans is working on beats.

Just because N.W.A. isn’t kid-friendly doesn’t mean you’re not going to bond over it someday.