The Everdure Cube is One of the Best Portable Grills Around

It's a great grill for tailgates, beach trips and everything in between.

by Donna Freydkin
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Portable barbecues are easy to find. However the right portable barbecue — the one that you can throw in the back of a car, that fires up your brats and burgers at the beach as well as a tailgate — is a bit harder to locate. Size has to be considered. So does construction. So does its durability. Well, in terms of the ideal take-anywhere barbecue, we think the Everdure Cube by Heston Blumenthal meets all the criteria and then some.

Imagine if a Yeti cooler and Sonos speaker got a little too tipsy one night and decided to have a go. That’s what the Everdure Cube grill resembles, with its square, minimalist lunchbox design that begs to be displayed. There’s a pretty nice pedigree behind the grill.

For those unfamiliar, Blumenthal is the culinary multi-sensory cooking whiz behind the Fat Duck restaurant, in Berkshire, England — one of only three Michelin starred restaurants in all of Great Britain. Reservations, as you might surmise, have to be booked rather far in advance. A chef of his caliber puts a lot of thought into everything and doesn’t churn out cooking gear that looks like the rest of the stuff on sale at Home Depot.

The Cube is a porcelain enamel firebox, with cool-touch handles, a removable charcoal tray, and two safety latches. It’s made from lightweight steel and honestly, looks more like a fancy lockbox than a grill (that’s a compliment) It has a storage tray and a bamboo prep board integrated into its design. And there’s room to store fresh coals.

Yes, this is a standard grill that takes coals. You add them to the bottom chamber of the box, where they sit, ready to be lit and imbue all your burgers and dogs with the smoky goodness only charcoal can provide. Thanks to a built-in heat protection shield, the Cube be lit almost anywhere.

There’s a lot to love about this grill. The major downside, however, is that there’s a $150 carrier bag to lug it around. Not that you need it (it does, after all, have those cool touch handles). That bag in question is sold separately. The grill itself comes in four colors and despite its unquestionable firepower, is almost too pretty to be used for food prep. Almost.

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