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20 Gift Ideas for Men That Cost Less Than $10

From the top of your head to the shine on your shoes, it’s all $10 and useful for just about every guy on your list.

While finding any great gift for men is challenging, finding a great, cheap gift for men feels like a herculean task. Always the givers and seldom the getters, they’ve rarely thought about what they want for the holidays, let alone tried to articulate it. But big-ticket presents convey no more love than thoughtfully chosen inexpensive ones for the men in your life. Cheap gifts for guys can run the gamut from funny to practical — what matters most when he looks in his stocking is that a gift shows he’s well-understood and appreciated. Can you get someone a legitimately useful or cool gift without going over a tenner? You bet. Whether you’re shopping for dad or looking for cheap ways to upgrade your own gear, take a look at some of our essentials that can still be got for just more than a song.

20 Gift Ideas for Men That Cost Less Than 10 Bucks

Whether you're holding up a stagecoach or just improvising a mask during an unexpected meeting, men have used handkerchiefs like this one by Levi's for generations for myriad uses. Always have one with you, and luckily enough, these two-packs come in a variety of colors.

Few fabrics rank as high on the all-time men's list like waxed cotton. Protect your investment for the next generation while also maintaining its natural water repellency.

Maybe it's bad luck to break shoelace because so few men have a spare set. Time to fix that and breathe new life into old boots.

Film ain't dead with this disposable camera that's ready to rock wet or dry. There are still a variety film labs from Walgreen's on up that will develop, scan, and email you your distinct lo-fi images.

Its 12 matches arrive in a waterproof case and are guaranteed to burn for up to 25 seconds, which may literally be the difference between life and death.

Elevate any dish with this Michigan-made cooking salt, which adds notes of bacon and hickory smoke.

Made in Brooklyn by a respected distiller, this glycerin-based sanitizing spray is scented with mayweed for an outdoorsy note that's easy on the skin.

Say goodbye to wasteful plastic utensils. UCO's nylon cutlery includes a packable spoon, fork, and knife, the latter of which is sharp enough to cut through meat.

A bottle opener. A carabiner. A keychain. No more missing car or house keys, ever.

Throw it onto the pile of shit you've got to remember to grab before leaving the house. Huckberry's mask is cut from naturally antimicrobial merino, which helps cut down the accumulating stink of coffee breath day after day. It's worth the extra couple bucks.

That guy in your life has half a dozen knives that have, over time, accumulated a dull edge. This will be his most-used piece of gear in 2021.

Forget the fancy creams and leather rehydrators; generations of men have been making mirrors on their wingtips with this polish and an old white T-shirt.

A classic 48-page notebook so he never forgets anything important.

Each carabiner weighs less than an ounce. And yet each one can support 2,697 pounds. That's not a typo. He'll use it daily.

There's no such thing as having too many socks. Especially when they're this warm, with a ribbed cuff and reinforced sole.

A pocket flashlight with 150 lumens and two hours of battery life. It's tiny, but powerful enough for the zombie apocalypse.

For years, those in the military have been using the waterproof paper of Rite in the Rain’s line of notebooks to record vital data that can’t afford to be lost in a squall. The company’s handy 3-by-5 notebook is the perfect carry-along for life’s little emergencies, shopping lists, and can’t-forget details — no matter the weather.

Zoom meetings and remote work means we can all be a bit wilder in the socks department. These guitar socks are perfect for hanging out at home and watching all 16 hours of Ken Burns’ history of country music documentary.

The classic campfire coffee-holder is perfected with the Coleman 12 oz. Enamel Mug. Made from a sturdy steel skeleton, the white-speckled red cup channels the traditional heritage of outdoor cookware. Throw it in the dishwasher without a second thought.

Unobtrusive and powerful, this pair of magnetic swivel mounts hook onto the air vents in your car and hold phones fast — without having to monkey around with brackets or fine-tuning when you're on the road.

Dr. Bonner's is in its fifth generation as a family-run company — its biodegradable soaps have kept as many generations safely sudsed up out in the woods and back at home. Pick up a classic-scent two-pack, which is made with certified fair-trade ingredients and organic hemp oil.

Your stocking runneth over with this starter kit from DSC, which includes trial-size samples of all of the company's popular grooming products, including shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and more.

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