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This Booger Sucking Straw Became My Most Trusted Baby Tool

Is it gross? Yeah. But it's essential whenever my baby's nose is clogged.

Did you know a child can’t blow their own nose until around the age of 2-years old? I sure didn’t. I mean, this makes a lot of sense, and if I’d taken a minute to think about it, I would’ve assumed that this was the case. They can’t sit up or eat on their own, so why would they be able to grab a Kleenex and let ‘er blow? But I didn’t take a minute. In fact, given the things that were bouncing around my brain before my daughter was born, snot management wasn’t really a priority. So when my wife and I were gifted a Nose Frida at our baby shower, I instead counted our diaper inventory.

It wasn’t until I actually needed the Nose Frida that I noticed the note attached to it: “Trust me, this is the best gift you’re going to get, and the best thing you’ll need for your baby.” And sweet snot rockets was our friend right. As far as I’m concerned, the Nose Frida is Sweden’s greatest export (still love you IKEA).

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The Nose Frida looks like a flexible straw and is used to slurp out your kid’s boogers. Yes, the concept is disgusting. It’s made of two parts: the body and the hose. The body is a tapered clear plastic tube that is inserted into the baby’s nose. The other end is attached to a thinner hose with a mouthpiece — yes, mouthpiece — through which the disgusted parent sucks out the snot. In between the tubes is a disposable foam filter that catches the boogers and ensures you don’t eat them. Both parts are washable and replaceable.

Nose Frida

Again, can’t stress it enough: the Nose Frida is gross. You can see all of the snot coming out of your baby’s nose and the slurping sound is much worse than you’d expect. You could gag, it’s possible. But once you get over that, you’ll never know how anyone survived parenting without this thing.

The snot sucker was a huge little helper in my home, especially with an infant in daycare who was battling a new illness every other week. Whenever she had a cold, my wife and I sought out the Nose Friday’s little straw and captured all that snot. Was it pleasant? No. But my daughter was always breathing better afterward. Also, she didn’t have rivers of mucus running from nostrils down to her mouth.

Nose Frida

The first few times we used the Nose Frida, we thought it was an awkward, but effective tool. It snagged snot admirably. My wife and I didn’t know how useful it truly was until a late-night stuffy nose woke up baby and me. In the wee hours of the morning, I didn’t want to search for the Nose Frida downstairs. Instead, I used the back-up: a baby nasal aspirator. And it wasn’t until I spent a night of trying to snatch boogers from my daughter’s nose with this outdated turkey baster/bulb syringe that I realized how effective the Frida actually was.

Soon after that, we purchased our second Nose Frida just to play it safe.

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