Why The NoseFrida Is My Most Essential Piece of Baby Gear

There's something almost addictive about it.

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Nose Frida

Did you know a child can’t blow their own nose until around the age of two? I sure didn’t. Which is why we should all be thankful for the magical booger sucker known as the Nose Frida. The Nose Frida is a powerhouse baby nose sucker. Period. It has one job and figuring out how to use the Nose Frida is easy. It does that job with panache and pride. And you, parents, will thank us for this clutch baby essential.

How To Use the Nose Frida

The Nose Frida looks like a flexible straw and is used to slurp out your kid’s boogers. Yes, the concept is disgusting. It’s made of two parts: the body and the hose. The body is a tapered clear plastic tube that is inserted into the baby’s nose. The other end is attached to a thinner hose with a mouthpiece — yes, mouthpiece — through which the disgusted parent sucks out the snot. In between the tubes is a disposable foam filter that catches the boogers and ensures you don’t eat them. Both parts are washable and replaceable.

Again, can’t stress it enough: the Nose Frida is gross. You can see all of the snot coming out of your baby’s nose and the slurping sound is much worse than you’d expect. You could gag, it’s possible. But once you get over that, you’ll never know how anyone survived parenting without this thing. And it becomes oddly addictive to see the sheer amount of green garbage coming out of your kid’s little nose.

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