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The Best Body Sprays for Men That Aren’t Axe

If you think these sprays are leftovers from the 90s think again.

As we slowly emerge from our holes and gently rejoin society, we need to pay more attention to grooming. Because that thrice-weekly shower for Zooms during lockdown won’t work when you’re meeting friends or cycling into work for an in-person meeting. That holds especially true in warmer weather, when things can get funky real fast. And that’s where a spritz or two of a body spray comes in. Don’t roll your eyes — a great body spray isn’t an olfactory assault on your senses, a la Axe. It’s simply a diluted cologne

A body spray won’t replace showering, but in a pinch, it’s a fine coverup. If you don’t have time to hop in the shower and rinse off sweat (which stinks when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin), reach for a spray — a blend of water or alcohol mixed with a small amount of fragrance — and apply it to your clothes or skin. Focus it around your chest, neck, and under the pits. The ones below do their job, without smelling like the fragrance counter at Macy’s. 

The Best Body Sprays for Daily Use

One of our favorites is this set, which was in development for two years and just launched. The packaging is understated, as are the scents; they range in strength depending on your level of body odor. If you just need a light spritz, go for the citron and driftwood blend. And if you worked up a sweat, you want the sandalwood and coconut.

A wonderful and low-key blend of mint and rosemary, Jack Black's body spray is a solid go-to if you're ever feeling funky. You'll smell notes of lime leaf, jasmine, and amber as well. In other words, it's complex and interesting without being overpowering.

The Best Fancy Body Spray

If you have a client meeting and can't risk even the slightest whiff of anything unbecoming, or you have a dinner date after work, this is the spray you want. It's breezy and crisp, with notes of lemon, orange flower, and lavender, and basically smells like vacation in a bottle.

The Best Spray for Your Nether Regions

Your man-bits get damp, and nasty, really fast when it's hot outside. Nip that in the bud with this spray, which is infused with aloe and witch hazel. It's cooling, and works instantly.

The Best Body Sprays That Are Also Relaxing

Thanks to its combo of aloe vera and full-spectrum CBD, this body spray is cooling and relaxing. It's what you want if you hiked, but then are sitting down to an intimate dinner.

So look, we're not going to address any wellness claims this brand makes, because none of what it says is regulated. But we do know this stuff smells great, thanks to its mix of lavender and arnica oil. It's especially wonderful if you're hot and stressed, because the lavender tends to have a calming effect.

The Best Body Spray If You’re Fanatical About Ingredients

Hailing from Montauk, NY Eir makes products using chemical-free ingredients and is transparent about what's in its products. This spray is upbeat, zesty, and citrusy, and is made with ethyl alcohol as well as eucalyptus, cypress oil, and olive oil.

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