The Force is Strong With This Black Friday Deal on an App-Enabled R2-D2 Droid

This is one of the coolest toys out there and it's on sale right now.

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R2-D2 is one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars Universe and now fans can have their own version of the iconic droid that can do almost everything that the real R2-D2 does in the movies. The app-enabled R2-D2 droid can move around, communicate, code, and has a ton of awesome features that you and your kid will absolutely love.

Much like the Sphero’s BB-8 droid, the Bluetooth-enabled R2-D2 is controlled using an iOS or Android app or can be programmed to roam on its own. Its movements look real, including head spins, and thanks to working LEDs and an integrated speaker, Artoo acts and beeps like the real thing, right down to the holographic simulation.

Perhaps the most fun feature of the R2-D2 is that it actually has the ability to react to the Star Wars movies like a real viewer, as the droid is programmed to have real responses to the most exciting moments in the movies in real time.

This smart droid is one of the best selling toys on the market and usually getting your own R2 costs $100 but thanks to Black Friday, you can now buy it for less than $40.

Buy Now $39.99

And if you still aren’t convinced this is the perfect Christmas gift for your kid (or early Christmas gift for yourself), you can check out all of the glowing reviews of this amazing droid. One user wrote, “I grew up in a Star Wars family and Artoo has been my favorite character since day 1 so I own nearly all of the RC R2D2s that have come out. I can tell you that this is the only one that animates anything like the films.”

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