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The 9 Best Workout And Fitness Apps For Parents With Limited Time And Space

If you’ve looked in the mirror recently and thought “Man, I’m getting pretty swole … but just over the belt,” it might be time to find a better workout plan than toddler-chase-wind sprints and sporadic reps of “Dad, carry me!” But the only fitness trainer you ever have time to see is your kid’s Gymboree teacher, and they’re more about cartwheels than cardio. So here are the best fitness apps for busy fathers, available 24-7 on your smartphone whenever you a have a few minutes to spare for getting rid of that spare tire.


SWORKIT -- fitness apps

Set the amount of time you have to workout (or that you have the stamina for right now), choose the type of workout or area of your body you want to exercise, and then just start. With SWORKIT you don’t need equipment, or even any actual knowledge of workout moves — the app has videos and audio cues to help you along your “Oh, so that’s what a burpee is” fitness journey.
Free (iOS) (Android)

Jawbone Up

This fitness app connects to the top-rated Jawbone fitness tracker, but it’s way more than just a lame step counter. You can log your meals and nutrition, compete against fitness frenemies, and opt for notifications from the digital Smart Coach about things like when you need to drink more water or get to bed early. If it starts to overstep its boundaries, back into the sock drawer.
Free (Jawbone Up4 retails for $199) (iOS) (Android)

Nike+ Training Club

If your workout style is more Just Don’t Do It, the Nike+ app will get you back on track. The fitness app offers over 100 workouts from pro trainers and celeb fitness stars so you won’t get bored. And, you can set a custom training plan that will update and adapt as you get ripped.
Free (iOS) (Android)

Fatherly IQ
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These ultra-short video workouts are perfect for the dad who’s been off the fitness wagon for awhile (or would that be riding on the wagon?). You can share results with a real personal trainer for feedback, and check your form against instructors with an in-video selfie function. Just focus on if you’re doing it right, not how goofy you look doing squat jumps across the living room.
Free (iOS)


Go the extra mile — so you can beat that guy who’s always passing you on your morning jogs. Strava uses GPS to track your running and cycling, and lets you set up challenges. Push your limits against friends, pro athletes, and the one competitor who really matters: Your personal best.
Free (iOS) (Android)

Charity Miles

Charity Miles

It’s fitness, but for serving a greater good than just people who want to see you live to 90. With Charity Miles, you can raise money for one of 30 causes any time you do some kind of movement, from actual hardcore workouts to just yard work. Look, this fall you saved the rainforest!
Free (iOS) (Android)

Wahoo 7 Minute Workout

A workout routine so basic, it might as well be holding a pumpkin spiced latte. The app takes you through a series of simple bodyweight moves like jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. It sounds easy, but the key is the high-intensity 30-seconds-on/10-seconds-off intervals. Studies show if you make your muscles really miserable, really quickly, it’s just as effective as long periods of running or biking.
Free (iOS)

Spotify Run

As you run, your Spotify playlist will morph to match so that the beat of all the songs match your pace. The app also offers exclusive running-minded remixes from artists like Ellie Goulding. But if it starts playing speedcore, it might be a good idea to take a water break.
Free (iOS) (Android)


Each week, you make a digital pledge to hit a certain fitness or diet goal. The catch: If you don’t meet your goals, you lose cash to the other people on the app who do. It’s like gambling, but instead of using poker chips, you’re betting you can eat just one Lays.
Free (iOS) (Android)