9 Gifts New Dads Might Actually Want for Valentine’s Day

Everything changes when you have kids, including the presents you desire.

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Everything changes when you have kids, including the presents you want. While we’re still desirous of flat-screen TVs and fly leather jackets, our priorities lean more towards gifts that will suit our new roles and, as a result, serve to better us as fathers and husbands. Things like multi-faceted briefcases that serve as diaper bags in a pinch, packs that allow us to bring our children with us into the woods, and headphones that can help us make the most of our (rare) workouts. Here are nine gifts we’d be happy to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Ticket Stub Diary

The stadiums, the hot dogs, the roar of the fans, for the dad who plans to take his kids to a ton of sporting events ⏤ and then reminisce about them all when the kids grow up ⏤ this handsome hardback journal is where he’ll plug in the ticket stubs.

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Car Track T-Shirt

Break out the Hot Wheels because this 100 percent cotton, short-sleeve tee turns dad’s back into a play mat. Kids can drive the included toy car through town, making stops at the police station or local shop, all while dad tries to catch an afternoon nap.

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UNO II Backpack

UNO II The First Interchangeable Backpack
The slim UNO II Interchangeable Backpack wasn’t designed with bottles and rash cream in mind, but it may as well have been. What makes this second-gen day pack so distinct is that it’s crafted from a single piece of water-repellent fabric and has only one zipper, so you can literally zip in and out. In fact, when completely open, the bag lies flat on the table, enabling you to not only access all the diapers and goldfish crackers but also to use it as a changing pad.

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Blood Salt & Dirt Camo Shirts

Vollebak Blood Salt & Dirt Camo Shirts

Parents learn very early that their clothes are not safe from being stained with the shrapnel of crap, spit-up, and sprayed food that comes from their kids. Vollebak’s high-performance tees, while intended for the Tough Muddering crowd, these shirts are designed specifically to camouflage stains.

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Gerber Suspension Multitool

Dads still need multitools; the main purpose for them just shifts (think: changing toy batteries now trumps tweaking a mountain bike frame). This no-nonsense classic packs 12 tools ⏤ from needle-nose pliers and serrated-edged knife to a crosspoint screwdriver and a saw ⏤ into a compact 6-inch package that slides into a pocket or a padded section of a diaper bag.

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Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

These great Bluetooth buds boast an eight-hour charge, a well-rounded sound that does justice to everything from Prince to P.O.D or whatever the hell it is you listen to when you work out. A silicone tip and securing extensions enable them to stay snug in the ears during even the most aggressive movements; a waterproof body makes your sweat level a moot point.

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Piggyback Rider Explore

Piggyback Rider Explore
The Explore is less of a traditional kid-carrier and more of a way for your child to get a dad’s eye-view of the world without wrenching your back. To get on, the rider steps onto the non-skid bar attached to the back of the adult harness while you’re on one knee. Then, a wearer stands up to lift its load. It feels like you’re carrying a backpack instead of a wiggly kid.

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Shake Shack by Randy Garutti & Mark Rosati

The good news is that your favorite fast-casual, kinda virtuous, totally delicious burger joint, Shake Shack, released a cookbook. The bad news is that it doesn’t dish on how to make their ShackBurgers or sauce. It does, however, include 70 recipes in which you’ll find secrets to what makes Shake Shack’s food so delicious, as well as a ton of non-recipe stories and pics that chronicle the rise of both Danny Meyer’s popular chain and burger joints the world over.

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American Giant Classic Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

You need a sweatshirt. American Giant’s hoodie is much hyped, and for good reason: Not only is it absurdly comfortable, but it’s also sturdy enough to be worn for years without wearing out.

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