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The 21 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dads: Our 2021 Picks

Because everything changes once you have kids.

When a man becomes a father, his identity can become subsumed by the tiny human he’s helping to raise. Hey, it happens to the best of us. And that’s why picking out considered, thoughtful gifts for dad takes more effort than ordering a hackneyed mug online or grabbing a ridiculous drugstore card. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for dads, think function ahead of form. Or in a perfect world, a seamless combination of both.

You want gifts that make him feel seen. Feel appreciated. Feel understood. Things like multi-faceted briefcases that double as diaper bags in a pinch, backpacks that allow dads to bring their kids camping with them, and headphones that can help them make the most of very rare workouts. Here are new dad gifts, ranging from pithy to practical, that any guy would be happy to open this Valentine’s Day.

Tom Brady's eponymous brand crafts everyday pieces from space-age materials. Whether you're on the links or at a barbecue, this breathable, lightweight, and flexible pants will keep you looking put together.

Short of custom-made knives, Benchmade reigns supreme for lust-worth everyday carry blades. The company's Bugout is the apex of this apex, with a locking blade and Made-in-the-U.S. construction.

Yes, this is a bit twee. We get it. But it also serves a major purpose. This shirt, created by the dad of a newborn daughter, will help him bond with his infant via beneficial skin to skin contact.

No matter what life throws his way, he's ready. This multi-function keychain is a carabiner, box cutter, Philips screwdriver, a flathead driver, a keychain, a hex wrench, a wire cutter, a ruler, bottle opener, and a bicycle tool.

Now that he's got a kid, going out to eat remains a distant pipe dream. Make sure his steaks, chops, and chickens are perfect every time with this ingenious Bluetooth meat thermometer. He can monitor his cooking using the app, and it even does the thinking for him, letting him know how long to cook and rest his food.

The upscale Aussie brand delivers, yet again. This kit is perfection, because tangled cords and missing charges are annoying at the best of times. It zips out flat for easy access, has a magnetic slip pocket that fits a power bank, mesh pockets for random items, and a floating wall with an elastic cable organizer. Meaning, everything he needs, at his fingertips, new dad exhaustion be damned.

Every dad needs medical essentials on hand, because shit happens. And somehow, this brand made them sexy. Watertight, and ultra-compact, this metal tube has all the first aid supplies he needs. And it doubles as a flashlight and compass.

The newest launch from the Hatch family of products is all about adult sleep. He can create a personalized sleep routine; and if he doesn't wake to the sounds of his kid crying, he can gently open to his eyes while listening to soothing sounds. When he's going to bed, this turns into a relaxing reading lamp. He controls it using the app.

There's no wrong time for a great slice of pie. And Roberta's make some damn fine pies. These pizzas are wood-fired and frozen, and shipped straight to him. Because even when we're not in a pandemic, going out to eat as a new dad is a pipe dream, at best.

He's not going to bars. So bring the bar to him, with this ring toss game. He hangs it on the wall and throws rings to let off steam, or just to give his mind a break. Let the good times roll.

We love this brand because of its commitment to sustainability, and the superior quality of its products. This kit contains everything he needs on hand to get through the day: Deodorant, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, and floss. And when he runs out, he keeps the containers and get refills, thereby vastly reducing landfill waste.

An indispensable tool for attaching everything from diaper bags to portable speakers to the stroller, this one weighs all of 12 grams and doubles as a bottle opener.

Not only is Marshall's newest speaker a work of art. But its appeal is more than skin deep. It delivers 20 hours of playtime. The sound quality is spectacular. And it's water-resistant. Because mishaps happen, especially when you're sleep-deprived.

CBD is said to have soothing properties, and there's no better CBD lotion out there than this one, from Lord Jones. The luxury CBD brand's cream feels great, has hints of sage, mint and green citrus, and is exactly what he needs after a long day with a newborn.

Once you have a kid, dinners out become mostly a thing of the past. The very distant past. But meals at home can be just as delectable, with this hand-harvested, sustainable Icelandic salt has been a kitchen staple since 2011. And this particular set includes flaky sea salt, Arctic thyme salt, birch-smoked salt, and lava salt. In other words, everything he needs to add bursts of flavor to meats, salads, and cocktails.

Every new dad becomes an amateur photographer overnight. This lens elevates his skills; it works with Apple and androids phones and captures videos and photos that are stunning, crisp, and clear, without any annoying fisheye distortion.

Hot or cold, Yeti's bottle with be his daily driver. Versatile enough for coffee in the morning and a hand-poured beer in the evening, this hard-wearing vessel only looks better after a few dings.

Preparedness is key for dads. And this multitool belongs in every man's EDC: It's a knife, pliers, a screwdriver, a wire cutter, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file, and a ruler.

Remember Nokia Health? It's rebranded itself as Withings, but the quality remains the same. This smartwatch has continuous heart rate and in-depth reporting plus daily and overnight HR, up to 25 days of battery life, and 24/7 workout, sleep, and activity traacking. It's a great no-frills watch that gives him all the info he needs, without anything extraneous.

Because there's no excuse for looking a slob, even when he has a newborn. These buttery-soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking pants have a straight-leg fit and look at home on the couch, or outdoors.

Anker's new earbuds have a whopping 26 hours of playtime on a single charge. Plus, they have active noise cancellation, meaning he can take calls, even when the baby is being loud. Plus they have a very cool feature called HearID, which analyses his unique hearing profile and creates a tailor-made sound setup specifically for him.

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