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The 11 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

Every 30 days, he'll remember just how thoughtful you are.

Father’s Day rolls around once a year, and for the most part, it’s your single shot at making the guy in your life — be it your husband, partner, father, or close friend — feel appreciated, loved, and understood. But you can make every month a rad dad holiday: Instead of being one and done, just be signing him up for a cool, customized subscription box for men that keeps on giving. And giving. You simply pick something he’s passionate about, whether it’s steaks or beer or cocktails, camping or grooming, and get something from that category delivered to him monthly. The best subscription boxes for men curate the best products in each category, while offering variety. 

Just think. He’ll be reminded every 30 days just how thoughtful and awesome you are. And every month, he gets a new surprise gift. Here are some of the best subscription boxes for men to cater every taste and need. 

The Best Subscription Boxes for the Men in Your Life

There's a certain beauty to simplicity, and this three-piece set has everything a guy needs to keep his visage fresh. The cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer help with dehydration, sun damage, shaving irritation, uneven skin tone, and the general appearance of your skin. You can build a routine based around your specific needs, but we like this set because it gets the job done, with minimal fuss. And you can set it up to arrive monthly.

Let's start with the guy who has everything. And we do mean everything. This service caters to any whim. If he likes it hot, get him a custom hot-sauce kit, a guac-ready molcajete, and a taco rack. The man who needs a jolt in the morning would dig the cold brew coffee set. And the germaphobe will be into the upscale hand sanitizer, hand soap, and hand cream set.

Dudes shave. So make shaving a more pleasant experience. With Dollar Shave Club, he begins with a starter set and then gets full-size products of his choice on the regular. You choose how often he gets products, and what's in every kit. You only pay for the products you order and can choose between everything from shave butter to razors to shower supplies.

So your guy is a trendsetter. He's in the know, he likes the creme de la creme of everything, and he wants to be the first to have it. Enter the Breo Box. He gets the latest tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness products, and kitchenwares delivered every three months. A sample box can include an assortment of stuff like an Ekho HD video drone, a Tesla X ARC USB candle lighter, an W&P Design ice tray, a PhoneSoap PRO, and an Ace of Spades mini projector. In one box. So you definitely get your money's worth.

Guys passionate about their yards get customized pouches based on soil, climate, and lawn, to have the lushest grass in the neighborhood. You just attach the hose to the pouch and spray it on. Most lawn plans include three shipments of nutrient pouches with two to four pouches in each shipment. The brand says its lawn nutrient products will not harm wildlife, bees, and other pollinators, which is pretty important. A one-year subscription starts at $129.

If you're into hiking, camping, or just being in the great outdoors, get this is the subscription box for you. You complete a profile listing your outdoor activity preferences, so you get a box filled with stuff that complements your recreational interests. Items range from backpacks to insulated water bottles to hoodies to protein bars.

No more watery, cheap brew. Each month, you get an assortment of hoppy beers from two or more breweries, along with tasting notes, beer and brewery profiles, and recommended food pairings. Each box includes a dozen beers, such as IPAs, double IPAs, and hoppy pale and red ales.

Carnivores, rejoice: You can now get prime, glorious steaks and other primo cuts delivered monthly. You choose the frequency, and what types of meats you prefer. A typical box might include chops, filets, ground beef, ground pork, or bacon. All the meat is sourced directly from small family farms close to the brand's facility in Kentucky. All of the beef is 100 percent pasture raised.

Turophiles (AKA total cheese lovers) will dig this box, from one of the most famous cheesemongers in the country. Every month, you get 3-4 unique cheeses hand-selected by experts; the fromage runs the gamut from cheddar to triple cream to goat cheese to washed rinds. Each box includes a guide to the cheeses included, along with descriptions of origin and flavor, and suggested wine pairings.

Dudes fill out a grooming profile and get a customized box delivered every month. The products, all from pretty stellar brands like Kiehl's and Jack Black, run the gamut from shaving creams to beard oils to moisturizers to shower products. If you wind up loving a product, you can buy it separately as well so you never run out.

Pick your poison, whether it's whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin, or tequila. And the brand does the rest. It curates bottles from small distillers and independent bottlers and each month you get a specially selected bottle, with detailed tasting notes. Cheers.

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