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The Best Champagne, Cognac, Mezcal, and More to Toast Dad This Father’s Day

If dad enjoys a drink, he'll appreciate one of these bottles.

Father’s Day is a day for toasting dad, to celebrate the work he does. If he’s more of a whiskey man, we understand. But if he prefers tequila, rum, gin, champagne, or some other spirit, here is a great selection of options you can buy at your local shop or order online and ship straight to his door. Some bottles make for great mixers, some are designed to be sipped neat, while yet others are designed for a celebratory Father’s Day toast. Chances are, he’ll appreciate one of these bottles way more than a tie or cufflinks. Where’s he gonna wear them anyway?

For us dads, Fathers’ Day is one to drink in from first light till midnight (or even a little past) and a cognac is the perfect spirit to cap off a beautiful day. It’s a glass meant to be sipped slowly and savored in meditation. Rémy Martin XO is a perfect indulgence for a cognac drinker. A blend of the Cellar Master’s 400 different varieties, this fine Champagne cognac will treat any father’s taste buds to notes of orange peel, spice and nuts.

If your pops likes his martinis made of Vodka, buy him a large format bottle of Belvedere. Distilled from 100% Polska rye, the brand’s own natural well water, and zero additives, this Polish vodka has a lovely weight in the mouth that you can still feel after it’s been iced. The grain spice leads to a clean, crisp finish whether he prefers olives or a lemon twist.

Dads in the know have been calling for Hendrick’s in many of their gin cocktails for a bit now. The Scottish maker uses eleven different botanicals to give the spirit flavor and depth and further infuses the gin with rose and cucumber. So consider garnishing your martini or G+T with a slice of cucumber in lieu or olives or lemon for a more herbaceous flavor.

A good blanco tequila should be a fixture on any bar and Patrón Estate Release is an excellent limited edition bottle. It’s distilled from 100 percent Weber Blue Agave harvested and cultivated on the grounds of Hacienda Patrón. It’s 84 proof and delicious neat or on the rocks. We like to skip the fruit garnish to better appreciate this Blanco’s tasty herbal and citrus notes.

To make his Gracias A Dios mezcal, Maestro Mezcalero Oscar Hernandez uses a one-horse powered stone grinder to crush the Oaxacan agave from which it’s distilled. It’s a crisp glass with a pleasant smoke and a light minerality. Notes of lemon, anise, and ginger are complimented with a honeyed agave sweetness. So, dad can drink it neat or use a good pour to upgrade his margarita game.

Amari are all the rage and even if your dad hasn’t fallen into the trend, maybe it’s time to give him a push with Averna. This Sicilian amaro has become a bit of a byword for bartenders looking to spice up their cocktail list. It’s thick and luscious glass, not as bitter as some but lovely to sip as a digestif thanks to notes of anise, rosemary and citrus.

To make their Old Rum, iconic Bermuda rum-maker Gosling’s uses the same recipe they follow to craft their staple Black Seal rum but let it age longer in oak. Perfect for sipping, it’s a sumptuous glass, thick with molasses, cherries, wood, spice and a touch of tobacco. Perfect for a pirate at 40 … and beyond.

If your father is a seasoned tequila drinker, may we recommend Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila. It’s certified organic and triple distilled entirely from blue weber agave. This anejo a fantastic glass thanks to a lengthy spell in lightly toasted white French oak. Rich with notes of vanilla, chocolate and nuts, it’s a sipper not meant for mixing.

Most gift sets include a bottle and a two lamely branded tumblers. But this one from Absolute Elyx features some great vodka and a cool copper pineapple tiki-style cup. The juice is Swedish maker Absolut’s handcrafted vodka. Manually distilled from winter wheat grown on a single estate in Åhus, Sweden. It’s an easy drinker, clean, slightly sweet with a light pop of citrus, perfect for whipping up a Swedish Mule to imbibe from dad’s handsome new chalice.

If pops likes to let corks fly, best buy him a swell bottle of the bubbly. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne is blended entirely from Chardonnay, which makes it wonderfully fruity and floral with just the right amount of acidity, perfect for celebrating dad on his special day.