These Great Lightsabers Are Selling Out Fast

Finding a good lightsaber toy is actually harder than you might think.

Star Wars Forge Darth Maul and Vader electronic lightsabers

There are a lot of great Star Wars lightsaber toys at various different price points. But, if you’re playing with actual kids, what is the best lightsaber toy on the market right now? Well, if you’re looking for something where your kid feels like they own the lightsaber they’re holding, one type of Star Wars lightsaber toy is actually much better than the rest. There’s just one catch, this toy is actually selling out kind of fast. Here’s the deal.

If you don’t have the cash to get a custom lightsaber that costs hundreds of dollars at Disneyland, there is a cool product called Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge. The idea here is that there are several lightsaber designs, some with sound and lights, and some not, all connected to familiar characters. You’ve got Darth Vader’s saber, Luke’s (blue) saber, Mando’s Darksaber, Mace Windu’s saber, and some other sabers that take some serious liberties with what the hilts actually look like on screen. (Darth Maul’s saber in this series has HORNS and so does Ahsoka’s!)

However, if you buy two or more of these sabers, there’s actually a very cool feature that emerges: You can mix and match parts to create you’re own lightsaber design. So, if you like the sound effect from the Darksaber, but you want a more traditional laser-y blade, you can swap it out with what you have. In this way, some of the apocryphal saber pieces are actually cool; you can make a lightsaber with your kid that never really existed on screen, at all, which, therefore actually feels unique to your kid. (Or you!)

These sabers run between $20 and $40 dollars mostly, but get them now! Many of the designs are selling out. Here are a few of our favorites.