The Best PS4 Games for Kids and Parents

Whether you want to dance your heart out, navigate a frantic kitchen, or dive deep into Disney, these games are great fun for parents and kids alike.

by Ben Radding
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array of cover art of the best PS4 games like Sonic and Minecraft

Almost a year after its release, the PlayStation 5 remains difficult to secure. The good news for Sony loyalists who’ve yet to get their hands on one is that the best PS4 games for kids are more than entertaining enough to keep that console at the center of your family’s video game setup. And even if you have snagged a PS5, its backward compatibility means PlayStation 4 games for kids look great on both consoles, and while there’s no shortage of incredible single- and multiplayer (both two-player and four-player) mature game-playing experiences for the PS4—we’re looking at you, The Last of Us Part II and Spider-Man: Miles Moralesthe best PlayStation 4 games for kids are just as fun and engaging as their not-safe-for-kids peers.

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If you’re looking to spend some time curled up on the couch mashing some buttons and bonding with the kids, these are the games to play. We like them because they generally have a co-op mode, meaning they can be played by two or more people working together instead of against each other. The other thing we looked for is imagination, as the best PS4 games (and the best video games in general) provide experiences that feel fresh and new.

With those criteria in mind, here are our top picks for the best PlayStation 4 games for kids and parents to play together.

The Best PS4 Games for Kids

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