This Extra-Long, $9 Phone Cord Is the Best Thing I Ever Bought

It's a life saver

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We are bound by things that need to be plugged in so that we may continue to communicate with people and read stuff and keep track of schedules and have some semblance of connection with the world around us. Because of this, the power cord becomes an almighty accessory: it is the provider of energy, the resuscitator of weary electronics. And the one you choose becomes important, which is why I humbly suggest that, if you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you buy yourself the $9 Anker Powerline 6ft Lightning Cable. A seemingly innocuous purchase, it’s a fucking life saver.

Standard power cords suffer from two main flaws: they’re not long enough and they fray easily. Minor issues, sure, but they make every day electronic use frustrating. Who hasn’t spent an evening scrolling through their phone while teetering on the edge of their mattress because their plugged-in phone doesn’t reach? Or who’s had to suffer the slight indignity of standing near an airport charge kiosk instead of a chair because of their short cord? And who among us has been left with a drained phone because the charge cord was severed by the wheel of an office chair or just snapped, the USB side lolling lifelessly to one side like a broken limb?

I have. Many times. The Anker Powerline 6ft Lightning cord solves all of these issues. First of all, the cord is six feet long, allowing plenty of glorious slack. Secondly, and most importantly, the cord is wrapped in Aramid fibers — strong, heat-resistant synthetic materials — that make it oh-so-durable. Seriously, I’ve subjected my charge cord to countless forms of torture (rolling over it, stepping on it, bending it, twisting it, grabbing it and letting it carry the droopy weight of my phone) and it’s showed no sign of wear. I bought a cord a few years ago and have never looked back.

So, do yourself a favor and spend the nine bucks. That’s the cost of a decent sandwich, I know. But since when did a decent sandwich ever make the majority of your day better? Never.

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